Yoke The is a traditional Burmese puppet used in traditional performing arts in the past. The use of this bonea is very similar to Potehi in China and wayang golek in Indonesia. Burmese dolls are complex and require skillful use, as they use 18 or 19 wires for male and female characters, and each puppet is controlled by only one puppeteer.

History The date of the possible origin of the Burmese puppet is given to around 1780, during the reign of Singu Min, and his introduction is credited to the Royal Minister of Entertainment, U Thaw. From the very beginning, dolls enjoyed great popularity in the court of the Konbaung dynasty.

Little has changed since U Thaw’s creation of the art, and the character sets he developed are still in use today. Until the British conquest of Upper Burma in late 1885 during the Third Anglo-Burma War, these groups flourished under royal patronage.

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source : wikipedia