Even though it is known as a typical souvenir for the city of Semarang, actually wingko babat has a long history to become the city’s iconic cake. Savory taste and sweet blend that evokes the tongue. No wonder, so many people like this one snack. Are you included?

This cake, made from white glutinous rice flour and grated coconut, is perfect to eat with a cup of warm tea. In addition to the unique taste of the archipelago, it’s good if we get to know this Wingko tripe cake more deeply, let’s go. Here’s the review.

1. History and origin of wingko tripe

Wingko babat is an original snack from the city of Babat, Lamongan, East Java. The local people usually call this snack with the name wingko cake. During World War II, approximately 1944, an ethnic Chinese family migrated from the city of Babat to Semarang. The husband and wife are named The Ek Tjong (D Mulyono) and Loe Lan Hwa.

The two of them saw a business opportunity, because the city of Semarang is not familiar with wingko cake. So two years later the two of them started a snack business called wingko babat. So, why is it called wingko babat, because the origin of this cake is originally from the city of Babat, even though in the end it became popular in the city of Semarang.

2. The symbol of the tripe wingko cake

Among the people of Babat city, this wingko cake is not a typical souvenir of the city. But as one of the snacks that are made as ‘offerings’ for the groom for the woman he is going to marry.

It is said that this wingko cake is a sign that the man has firmly anchored his heart to the woman. Wow, it’s unique, the meaning of this one cake.

3. Flavors of wingko tripe

Although it is made from the basic ingredients of white glutinous rice flour and grated coconut, this simple looking wingko tripe actually has many flavors. Some of them are the flavors of banana, jackfruit, cheese, chocolate and so on.

Although still, wingko tripe is better enjoyed with its original taste, which is coconut flavor. Savory, chewy and sweet, melts in the mouth and is filling. But back to the tastes of each person. What taste do you prefer?

4. The form of wingko tripe also varies

Along with the development of Indonesian culinary delights, of course, wingko babat has evolved to satisfy consumer desires. Uniquely, wingko tripe has not only modified its taste, but also its shape, you know.

For example, the wingko tripe is large round, which is then cut into slices of pizza and each piece is wrapped in plastic. Please note, wingko tripe generally has a small round shape and is usually used as paper wrapping. There is also a wingko tripe that has a square shape, and there is also a rolled wingko that has a filling of chocolate, cheese, peanut, and even greentea flavors.

Those are some facts and history of wingko babat, one of Semarang’s typical souvenirs and an archipelago snack that still exists today. Hopefully it will increase your knowledge in the culinary field.