For the people of Papua, there is one animal that has a high sale value. The figure can reach tens of millions of rupiah. Not only that, if you hit the animal you could also be fined. What animal is that?

Pigs This is the most expensive animal in Papua, which is a pig, in Papua 1 large pig can cost up to tens of millions. Pork is one of the assets for the people of Papua. In addition, pigs can also be used as a dowry for people who will get married. Usually the women are free to ask how many pigs will be used as dowry.

In fact, the City of Wamena has its own meaning, namely Wam which means pork and Ena which means delicious. So Wamena means delicious pork. According to the local people, the most valuable pig is a female pig. If there are people who accidentally hit a pig, they have to replace many times the previous price. Even often only because of pigs, fights between residents often occur.

The price of compensation for a pig can be seen from the sex to the condition of the pig whether the pig is large or not in size. So, when you are in Papua, you must be careful if you are on the highway while in Papua. It could be a big loss if you hit a pig.