Indonesia is a country that has many islands and many ethnic groups. In some areas in Indonesia there are several regions or islands that use foreign names. One of them is Flores Island. Flores Island is an island located in the province of East Nusa Tenggara.

Based on the history of the island’s existence, the name Flores in this island is from Portuguese which means “flower”. The name Flores comes from the Portuguese word “cabo de flores” which means “Cape of flowers”. The name was originally given by S.M. Cabot to refer to the eastern region of the island of Flores.

Finally in use officially since 1636 by the governor general of Dutch Indies Hendrik Brouwer. An in-depth study by Orinbao (1969) reveals that the real name of the island of Flores is Nusa Nipa (snake island) which from an anthropological point of view, this term is more useful because it contains various philosophical, cultural, and ritualistic meanings for the people of Flores.

Flores is included in the Lesser Sunda Islands cluster together with Bali and NTB, with an area of ​​approximately 14,300 km². The population in Flores, in 2007, reached 1.6 million people. The highest peak is Mount Ranaka (2350m) which is the second highest mountain in East Nusa Tenggara, after Mount Mutis, 2427m in West Timor.

Flores Island together with Timor Island, Sumba Island and Alor Islands are four large islands in the NTT Province which is one of the archipelago provinces in Indonesia with 566 islands. Flores, with its sufficient size, population and natural and human resources, is now preparing to become a new province in NTT.

On the western and eastern ends of Flores Island, there are several small island clusters. To the east there are the islands of Lembata, Adonara and Solor, while to the west are the islands of Komodo and Rinca.

To the west of the island of Flores, after the cluster of small islands, there is the island of Sumbawa (NTB), while in the east after the cluster of small islands, there are the Alor islands.

To the southeast is the island of Timor. To the southwest is the island of Sumba, to the south there is the Savu Sea, to the north, across the Flores Sea there is Sulawesi. Hope this article can be useful. Get other menaril information from

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