Working in Indonesia is supposed to be very pleasant, and easy. So that every citizen has a job that is a source of income. Why not? Currently Indonesia has a wealth of $ 1.8 trillion. Including in the 20 countries that have the highest assets in the world. One point eight trillion dollars. If it is broken down into around Rp. 15,919,000,000,000,000. Fifteen thousand nine hundred and nineteen with twelve zeros. If it were divided equally among the entire population of Indonesia, which numbered 240 million, then every Indonesian would have assets of Rp.66,329,167. Every Indonesian, young and old, regardless of their ethnicity and religion, has a wealth of more than sixty million rupiah. Indonesia is one of the most prosperous countries in the world.

But the facts are very different, very painful and very sad and even very concerning. It is evident that more than 40 million people were categorized as poor in 2008. They were said to be poor if their income per day was less than Rp 7800. This is also according to ADB, the Asian Development Bank. If the Indonesian government thinks it is even worse, the poor category is the income of less than IDR 7600 per day.

What is even more painful is that the number of poor people in Indonesia has increased in the last 2 years. To 43.1 million in 2010. Not decreasing, but increasing. This is proof of the incompetence of the government in regulating its system of government so that not the poor people are decreasing but increasing. Within 3 years the poor in Indonesia increased by 2.7 million. So every year there are more poor people who have an income of only Rp. 7800 per day as much as 900 If so, what does it mean that Indonesia is a member of the G-20 country which has been named one of the richest countries. One of the countries with the most disgusting economic prospects?

Indeed, there is an increasing number of rich people in Indonesia. Currently, about 4 million Indonesians have an income of between Rp. 240 million to Rp. 500 million per year. They are called the middle group. Their daily expenditure is between $ 10 to $ 20. Super rich people in Indonesia are even less. According to some sources, around 112 thousand people. This group is Indonesian people who have a minimum wealth of IDR 5 billion. One thousand people among these 112 thousand people. including the super rich, they are also registered as rich people in the world. Their wealth is trillions of rupiah. One hand we are all proud that there are so many rich people and super rich people in Indonesia, but on the other hand we are very sad to hear the increase in the poor in Indonesia. What are the causes of poverty?

Political Corruption That Does Not Spread Employment.

One of the causes of poverty is that the government is unable to provide employment for all Indonesians. In terms of our vast country, our sea is one of the most extensive in the world, and in that sea there is a source of enormous wealth. However, it seems that until now, the government does not have any ideas, ideas and creativity to make the sea the main source of livelihood for the Indonesian people.

Our land with more than 17 thousand islands is a very wide field of work. Any planting can be done, whether agriculture, plantations, industrial forest planting, mining, industrial places and others. There is our land that is very fertile for food agriculture, there are parts of land We are very fertile for plantations, there is our land which is very rich in mining resources. But in fact, until now only a small part of the Indonesian population has access to control and cultivate it, so most of the Indonesian people do not have employment opportunities that allow them to live properly. in the Emerald Land of the Equator.

Our country is a democratic country where the highest sovereignty is in the hands of the people. It should be a country whose sovereignty is in the hands of the people, then the people are the most prosperous. The opposite is happening in Indonesia. Even worse with the continuing practice of corruption. Of course, the corruption that occurs is in the hands of the rich and the rulers. Because the poor do not have the opportunity for corruption, nor do they have courage. So it can be concluded that in a very rich Indonesia, only a small part of the population enjoys this wealth, while the rulers, especially the government, are mostly not serious, have no capacity, and lack commitment and morale to provide employment for its people.

If we connect it with religion, as many as 80 percent of Indonesia’s population is Muslim. Only about 20 percent are Christian, Catholic, Buddhist, Hindu, Confucian or adherent to religious beliefs. So if we take the facts out, 80 percent of the total 43.1 million poor people are also Muslims. About 35 million people in Indonesia are poor and are Muslims. On television, we saw that many people queued to receive the sacrificial meat on the Eid al-Adha yesterday.

Responsibilities of Islamic-Based Party.

On the one hand, there are many Islamic-based parties in Indonesia; PKB, PPP, PKS, PAN, PBB. Meanwhile, other party parties, such as Golkar, Democrat, Gerindra, Hanura and PDI-P and Nasdem are nationalist parties that prioritize humanitarian progress for all Indonesian people. However, so far there has not been much improvement in the level of people’s welfare. Legislative members and almost all state office holders have not been able to come up with a policy so that our poor people are decreasing. What is the reason? Even though as already described above, Indonesia’s natural resources are very abundant?

It seems that we are still not smart enough in managing our wealth. Starting from all the parties, none have purely aimed at advancing the Indonesian people. Just jargon and campaign promises. Apart from being less intelligent, we are less united. Our paradigm of nationalism is also getting more and more alarming. There is much evidence that what the parties want to win is only the victory and benefits of the party, not Indonesia. Just look at our legislators who come from different parties, what they prioritize is only their own safety and benefits for their party.

If so, we still doubt whether next year there will be less poor people in Indonesia. There are no signs in that direction. The government is unable to communicate to the people what it is doing, which is good and positive, to the people. On the contrary, it is seen that more often the government exploits its people and farmers only for the benefit of the government or the ruling party.

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