Indonesia is a country that has many interesting and fun folk tales for children. In addition, folklore originating from Indonesia has an educational element which of course can raise children to have good morals. Do you know why reading folk tales originating from Indonesia is so important for children?

Your child is now growing and learning new things every day. It is during this stage of development that it needs to be assigned good grades and knowledge, and storytelling is a great, interactive way of doing it.

  • Storytelling helps instill reading habits in children.
  • It also helps them increase their knowledge and learn facts about animals, plants, objects and different regions and the world.
  • This broadens their horizons and enables them to think in a broader perspective.
  • Storytelling also helps improve vocabulary and allows children to learn new words.
  • It also helps build better thinking skills and is an activity that helps them grow both emotionally and mentally.

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