Indonesia has various types of sambal. Why do citizens from these countries like to eat chili even though it tastes spicy? It is a common fact that Indonesians cannot live without chili sauce. Almost all typical dishes of the archipelago are given additional spicy, solid chili sauce. It’s no wonder that foreign diaspora must admit they really miss the Indonesian chili flavor.

The tradition of eating with additional side dish of this chili turned out to have been around for a long time.

This custom is already in the era of Dutch colonialism in the country. At that time, many Dutch people employed people who were experts in making sambal to make sure they could eat it at every meal.

Indonesian sambal consumption has something to do with the staple food that we usually eat. Indonesian people generally eat white rice which has a bland taste. Well, because it tastes bland, it must be accompanied by side dishes that can make it taste more delicious. The choice fell into spicy sauce.

In Indonesian culture, a perfect meal must be provided in full or consists of side dishes, vegetables, rice, and sambal. This sauce can be spicy sweet or soy sauce. The point is eating becomes tasty and full.

Furthermore, the tradition of using chili sauce is almost the same as the habits of people in other countries. For example, westerners when eating with the main ingredients of wheat or bread are added cheese or mayonnaise.

So, have you ever tried Indonesian specialties with sambal?