Indonesia has various tribes. One of the tribes that originated from Indonesia is the Batak tribe. The Batak tribe is a tribe originating from North Sumatra. Until now, the Batak people have always upheld their clan. Every time two Batak people meet, they must ask for their clan name or family name. So, why is the clan name or family name so important for Indonesians who are Batak?

1. The clan denotes the lineage of the family

For the Batak people, marga indicates the origin and lineage of a person. Lineage is very important for Batak Indonesians because clan or family name is an identity in Batak society.

2. Clan as evidence of descent

Similar to the custom of various regions, the Batak boy takes precedence because he will continue his family clan. But that doesn’t mean girls don’t, you know. In fact, girls should be respected because of their role as boru / miss / mistress (women who must be respected).

3. By getting to know their clan, the Batak people get along well

Through clan, the Batak people can find siblings based on lineage based on the names of their ancestors. In this case it is usually called “ito,” and they get along very well.

4. Can find Batak people who have the same family line or clan name overseas

Basically, the Batak people migrate from their hometowns to other areas to change their destiny and realize their dreams. By using a family name or clan name, people can easily find Batak people who can be their relatives or friends while they are overseas.

So, the use of family names or clan names in Indonesian society who are Batak is very important because the Batak people strongly hold local wisdom and culture. Come on, get interesting information and add insight from


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