Indonesia has a variety of flavors for each of its culinary delights. Indonesian culinary has a variety of flavors such as spicy, sour taste, sweet taste, salty taste to bitter taste. Have you ever tried culinary or traditional Indonesian food originating from the Yogyakarta or Central Java area?

If you have ever tried traditional Yogyakarta or Central Java food, it certainly has a sweet taste. Do you know why the area has food that tastes so sweet?

During the era of the Dutch colonialism era, in Central Java to East Java the largest average income was from sugar cane, to the point that they had experienced hunger because almost all of the land was used to grow sugar cane, so people could not grow rice.

So it is only natural that traditional dishes from Central Java and Yogyakarta have a very sweet taste. Every region in Indonesia has a different quality and taste of cuisine. This is an attraction for those of you who like culinary from Indonesia. Come on, visit and make Indonesia the best tourist destination in your life.


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