Indonesia is a country that has a variety of ethnicities and cultures. In Indonesia, there are several tribes that have unique cultures. One of the unique tribes in Indonesia is the Batak tribe. What is the Batak tribe?

The Batak tribe is a tribe originating from North Sumatra. This tribe is a tribe that is very widely known by the people of Indonesia. The Batak tribe is a tribe that upholds its clan. Whenever two Batak people meet, they must ask about their clan and family tree. Do you know why the Batak people maintain the tradition of using clans in family and personal names?

1. Marga signifies the lineage and family

For the Batak people, marga indicates which lineage they belong to. For the Batak people, this is important because genealogy is the identity of the Batak people in association.

2. Clan as evidence of descent

Almost the same as the custom of various regions, Batak boys are prioritized because men will continue the family clan and in married life of course will be responsible as the head of the family and husband. The role of women in the Batak tribe is also very important as a wife and as a Boru (mistress of the great master).

3. By getting to know their clan, the Batak people get along well

Through clans, the Batak people can find their descendants. In this case it is usually called “ito,” and they get along very well.

4. Finding Family Assistance in Overseas

Batak people do migrate to improve their standard of living by moving from their hometown to another area. They are never afraid of anywhere. Why? Because if in a new place, they find the same clan, they will be helped by that person, even if they are new to them.

5. By knowing their clan, the Batak people can determine their mate

In determining a mate, the Batak tribe has very strict rules such as choosing a life partner of different clans. Why is that? Because in the Batak tribe, marriage in the same family is prohibited and should not be done because there is still family or blood ties.

6. The same surname does not mean one name

If you meet a Batak person with the symbolic surname, it does not mean that he is only the same surname as Simbolon. It could be that some clans are still one clan with him. Because the Batak tribe culture is known as “Tarombo”.

7. Clan names can also draw closer to the hearts of people who have just met

In Batak tradition, there is the term pariban. For example, a woman has a Panjaitan boru and a boy has a Panjaitan boru. This is called pariban. When someone meets a pariban, they are called a mate in Batak tradition. 8. Clan names are also related to biological importance

Batak culture and Batak tradition say that the same descendants, even if they do not have one womb, will result in bad things if they are paired. In biological terms, this means that it can cause defects in future offspring.

9. The use of clan names is a personal identity for the Batak people

For people who are Batak, the family tree as a personal identity must be upheld. Without clan identity, their existence as Batak people is certainly not recognized in the kinship of the Batak people.

Therefore, many people outside the Batak tribe when marrying a partner who is a Batak tribe will look for and find adoptive parents from the Batak tribe in order to get the surname from the adoptive family.

So, the Indonesian people who are Batak of course still maintain their cultural traditions even though some Batak cultures have been influenced by European influences such as the use of suits and loafers in traditional activities. Come on, get other interesting information from and stay healthy during this COVID-19 pandemic.


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