Indonesia has a variety of delicious traditional culinary treasures. One of the delicious traditional culinary delights is the variety of Padang dishes. The cuisine of Padang is definitely from the province of West Sumatra. Because the food is full of rich flavors, of course every region has a restaurant that provides it. So in your opinion, what makes Padang or Minang cuisine so famous in the tongue of the Indonesian people? Here are the secrets and characteristics of Padang cuisine

Dominant Spicy Taste

The spicy taste is very synonymous with the characteristics of Padang cuisine, this of course has its origin. Since long time ago, the area of ​​origin of the Minangkabau has been divided into 3, known as luhak nan tigo, namely Luhak Agam, Luhak Limapuluh Kota and Luhak Tanah Datar. The origin of Minang cuisine comes from these 3 areas which are the highlands and are also called darek. Darek area is surrounded by cold air, therefore it takes something warm for its inhabitants.

One way is through cooking, using chilies in recipes to make it spicy and warm the body. That is why Minang cuisine is predominantly spicy. Over time, the Minangkabau region began to develop, the Minang people began to spread to overseas areas or areas outside the luhak nan tigo. but this does not make the tradition of using chilies in cooking disappear, even though their area of ​​residence is not upland.

Use of Coconut Milk

Another secret of Padang cuisine is the use of coconut milk as a dishwasher and delicious. Lots of Minang dishes that use coconut meat juice, especially for curry type dishes. In the manufacture of kalio and rendang, coconut milk is also needed.

Typical Seasoning Mixture and Fitting

Padang cuisine cannot be delicious without the right and distinctive blend of spices. The Minang people are very picky about the spices to use. Among the many spices that are usually used in cooking, the spices that must not remain in Minang cooking are the 2 brothers’ onions, aka red and garlic.

In addition, 4 friends of spices, aka galangal, lemongrass, ginger and turmeric are also used. This spice contains medicinal properties to minimize and prevent digestive disorders due to the use of a lot of red and green chilies. For cooking fragrances, usually bay leaves, lime leaves and others are used. The rest is added with other seasonings, according to the desired taste.

Using the Furnace

Ideally, Minang cuisine is cooked on the stove, not on the stove. Cooking on the stove will give a unique taste to the dish, one of which is the aroma. Even philosophically, cooking on the stove requires dedication and patience, so that food has value. Unfortunately, along with the times, people slowly prefer gas stoves because they are more practical.

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