Motorbikes are practical vehicles for most Indonesians. The reason is, in several big cities, avoiding traffic jams is impossible. So that many people choose to ride using motorbikes.

If they use a car, they will get stuck in traffic and take up several hours of their time. Especially now that it is added to the ease in managing taxes, because there is an online motor vehicle tax. You can check the amount of tax to be paid and then pay it without queuing.

Car parking fees are indeed more expensive, because the land used by cars is wider than that of motorbikes. The land for parking per one car can be used for approximately six motorbikes. It’s not about parking fees, it’s very affordable for the public, it’s about tax fees. This year the tax rose to more than 100% and even more.

I think it is one of the government’s efforts to reduce the number of motorized vehicles in Indonesia. Because the economy in Indonesia is quite bad, the tax increase will make people rethink buying motorized vehicles. However, I think the number will continue to increase, especially because of the rise of call vehicles, such as uber and others.

In the capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta, a 3 in 1 regulation was promoted, namely passengers of four-wheeled vehicles must have a minimum of 3 passengers. However, the 3 in 1 rule has been removed, replaced by the odd-even rule.

Why are there so many motorbikes in Indonesia?

Here are the common reasons I know why there are so many motorbikes in Indonesia:

  1. Motorbikes are clearly cheaper than cars. This is in accordance with the economic conditions of the Indonesian people, where there are still many people who are in middle to lower economic conditions.
  2. Motorbike is a must if you live in an urban area. Public transportation is expensive and terrible. Using a car is expensive and you will also be stuck in traffic jams (unlike a sleek motorbike). There are several companies that have requirements to be able to ride a motorcycle.
  3. It’s easy to buy a motorbike. You only need to provide a few identities, pay off (very cheap) and voila!
  4. The Indonesian people are consumptive people. There are some people who have a hobby of collecting objects, including motor vehicles, especially motorbikes.
  5. The fuel is cheap because the government provides huge subsidies. So cheap that it is considered the cheapest fuel among ASEAN countries.

So that’s the answer to your question in my opinion. Again, parking fees are not a major issue in this regard. Both car and motorbike parking fees are very affordable.

However, since several years ago, several malls have calculated the parking fee according to the number of hours the vehicle has been parked, although the fee is still relatively cheap. Hopefully this article can help you regarding things in Indonesia.

Source : galena