The typical Indonesian culinary delights are not only diverse, but also rich in taste. These appetizing dishes are created through a combination of ingredients and spices that add to the taste.

Talking about Indonesian cuisine, it’s incomplete if you don’t include a spicy touch in it. Like the presence of chili sauce which is often juxtaposed with various dishes to give a different sensation.

It is hard to deny, apart from the spicy dish, the majority of Indonesians fall in love with chili sauce. Various regions in the country also have special chili sauce along with an equally interesting presentation. So, what makes most Indonesians like chili sauce?

Most Indonesian people like to eat chili out of habit. For Indonesians, eating without using chili sauce makes the atmosphere less enjoyable and the feeling of pleasure in eating food decreases.

In Indonesia itself, traditional food has a variety of delicious chili sauce. Indonesian chili flavors are very diverse. Although the raw material for making chili sauce uses chilies, the taste of each chili is very diverse. Some of the Indonesian chili flavors are very spicy, spicy, spicy and sour, and some even have a non-spicy taste.

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