In several reports, a magazine editor has recorded several names of people who are declared as wealthy conglomerates in Indonesia. The wealthy conglomerates are mostly ethnic Chinese. Maybe some of your friends who are ethnic Chinese have success with their business or work even though they are not a conglomerate. What makes the majority of Chinese people in Indonesia rich? Various secrets of the Chinese in Indonesia are the majority of the wealthy as follows:

1. Get used to living frugally

People in general, prefer to save 10-20% of their salary for savings. Meanwhile, the Chinese are the opposite. They only use 10-20% of their income for their daily needs. 80-90% of their income is saved. It seems that the principles of thrifty Chinese-style living have become common knowledge.

2. educated and trained hard since childhood

There is no such thing as playing around after school. After school, they have to go straight home, then do homework, private lessons at home, language lessons, music lessons, or any lessons even though the field is different from their major or passion. The reason is so that their left and right brains are balanced.

Regarding grades at school, Chinese parents are also very concerned about their children. They educate their children to always be number one in school. If you were born in a Chinese family, don’t be happy with your B grade. Because Chinese parents are never satisfied with that grade. They should get an A for all lessons. Because, in their eyes the B score is bad and still not good. So, don’t be surprised if you rarely hear Chinese parents praising their children. Not because they don’t love it, but because they don’t want their children to feel satisfied quickly and don’t want to try to be better.

3. Discipline in carrying out daily routines

Usually, people don’t like getting stuck with routines. However, it is different from Chinese people who stick to the routines they live. For example, like this.

06.00 hours: wake up, shower, and exercise

12.00 hours: back home, lunch at home, and take a nap

18.00 hours: finish work, go home, and cook dinner

20.30 hours: shower and get ready for bed

For them, getting up early and exercising can nourish the body and sleeping early (before nine in the evening) can make the brain and body rest optimally. This routine is not only done for a few months, but has become a lifestyle.

4. merchandise customers are well served like kings

Most Chinese people make money by doing business. In order for their trading activities to run smoothly, they are willing to come early to the shop. The thing is, they don’t want customers who come to be disappointed because the shop is still closed. Not only that, but they also serve customers as well as possible so that they can give a good impression between sellers and buyers. They have the belief that if they are nice to others, all good things will come to them too.

They are also loyal to small matters, for example when trading, they always provide a lot of change for change. So, if you shop early in the morning at a Chinese shop, you can still get change. And regarding the price of merchandise, the Chinese are known as traders who do not like to take large profits. It’s okay to get only a little profit, the important thing is a lot of turnover and customers remain loyal.

5. Dare to take risks and opportunities in business

For Chinese people, doing business is the activity of multiplying money. They think hard about how to change money from one thousand to ten thousand, from ten thousand to one hundred thousand, and so on. Even though their business has been very successful, they are not satisfied easily. They must have opened a business branch in another place so that the money they had could be turned around again. And they also don’t hesitate to try other businesses. Joining MLM (multi level marketing) or becoming an insurance agent is also undertaken as long as the business opportunity is really attractive.

Even when trying new things, they are not afraid of the risks that they might face. They are still enthusiastic and don’t give up. If the business fails, they will think hard about how to build the business again. For example, being rejected by a friend during a presentation on an MLM or insurance business, even being opposed, is not a problem for them.

6. Loyal and consistent in doing business

Success with a lot of business is common for Chinese people. Maybe there are some businesses that they closed because the profits were small and had no future prospects. However, they have a principle not to close the business they started the first time, even if the profit is not too big. Because, they believe that the first business is the door of sustenance which leads them to many other business opportunities.

7. clever maintaining and providing the best service to business relations

For Chinese people, relationships are everything. They will not be as big as they are now if they are not supported by existing relationships. That’s why, they always try to maintain relationships so that they are happy to work with them. For example, by sending a cake to a client when the client has a birthday, sending a parcel during holidays, holding a media gathering with journalists, or having dinner with clients at a certain time.

8. Good at bargaining when shopping at traditional markets where the traders are indigenous people

If you want to shop at a traditional market, it is very appropriate to invite your Chinese friends. Most of them are good at negotiating prices to the maximum point. You won’t see them not having the heart to bid on prices. There is no such thing as the word prestige. If they also open a shop and there are customers who bid on prices, they usually serve them wholeheartedly because they also like to bid on prices.

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