Have you ever noticed that there are many talent search events that are broadcast on Indonesian national television stations such as Indonesian Idol, The Voice, Rising Star or others that have several Batak competition participants? Well, this is the reality.

Do you know why the Batak people like music? Of course you don’t.

But in general we should admit that the Batak people like to make music or sing.

What makes Batak people like music or singing?

We will provide some of these answers based on the facts we have found from some Batak people.

Singing habit since childhood

As the saying goes, the knife sharpens the sharper. Since childhood, Batak children are used to singing in church. Since toddlers are used to singing and listening to spiritual songs, go to school and join Sunday school. As he grew older he joined the church choir and got used to the distribution of complex tones.

Especially when the important holidays of Christmas, New Year, and Easter are approaching, it is certain that choir practice is everywhere. It is the habit of singing in church that has the most influence in shaping the melodious voices of the Batak people. The more complete, at school they are also taught to sing, at home to gather with families who are trained to sing too.

According to Pak Togar, as a Batak person who was born into a devout Christian family, every Sunday when he was a child he always sang in church, plus his family’s condition was that he liked music and from generation to generation his singing talent reached children.

Batak people sing during birth to death events

The Batak tribe lives in many philosophies. Starting from the birth procession, a service will be held to welcome new family members and in the service there will be a procession of singing, then moving to a wedding when they are adults, there are many worship services and in that service there are songs.

In the event of adversity, worship will also be held, in that atmosphere of mourning, the song of lamentation will be heard. So from the beginning of life to closing their eyes, the Batak people were attached to songs of joy, happiness to sorrow.

Habit of gathering

The habit of gathering people with Batak ethnic groups has several characteristics, when they gather, they usually sing to play guitar, drink tuak in the villages, surely they will sing 3-4 album songs. Singing is also an important part of socializing the Batak people.

Grace from God

Singing skills are not for everyone. So if you can sing and have a melodious voice, that is talent. This singing talent is a gift from God Almighty.

It could be that all of the above things are true, but what is certain is God’s grace that makes the Batak people have great singing talents that are recognized by the world for their quality. There is one Austrian composer, Herman De Lago, who loved Batak songs so much that he brought them to his concerts in Austria. It turns out that Batak music is liked by outsiders.

So that’s what makes Batak people love music and singing. Not by chance or instantaneous, but there are habits that are honed and practiced constantly.Come on, get other interesting information from Indonesiar.com and stay healthy.


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