Indonesia is a country that has various ethnic groups. In Indonesia, there are several ethnic groups known as traders or entrepreneurs who are tenacious and diligent. One of the ethnic groups in Indonesia who is known as a resilient and diligent trader or entrepreneur is of Chinese descent.

The Chinese can be said to be economically established. There are so many ethnic Chinese people living in Indonesia, around 75% of them are capable of managing economic matters. Many of them choose to be in the business world and become a boss instead of working in a company and being an ordinary employee.

Businesses run by Chinese people rarely go bankrupt. On the contrary, a business that is run successfully reaps great success or is even known at the end of the world. Why can Chinese businesses be successful? The following summarizes a number of things that can motivate Chinese ethnic people in Indonesia to be successful in trading or being self-employed:

1. Motivate Yourself To Work Hard Spirit

Weekends should be used to rest. However, Chinese people prefer to spend weekends working. They say that Sundays are the most appropriate day to increase their wealth coffers. When other people are lazing and relaxing, that’s the right time to work harder to be ahead of others.

2. Work Wholeheartedly

“Do what you love, love what you do”, this motto is correctly applied by Chinese people. Because they don’t like being regulated, they prefer to open their own business and become a boss. The business that was opened was also not arbitrary, but one that was based on passion. This is the reason why Chinese people always look cheerful at work because what they do is what they like. So that they can work wholeheartedly, the results will be maximized.

3. Make an effort to live frugally

Chinese people do look elegant when attending dinner parties or attending business associates’ birthday parties. However, this kind of appearance is not shown in everyday life at all. They prefer to dress modestly when they step outside the house, as if they look like ordinary people even though they are millionaires.

Chinese people also try to live frugally. This can be seen clearly when shopping, where they are very careful when comparing the prices of one item with another. They are also not ashamed to hunt for discounted items to save money.

4. Have been taught to do business since childhood

The business that the Chinese are engaged in is a family business. So don’t be surprised if you find their children helping their parents while working. Because this is one of the cultures to teach children how to do business properly and correctly.

So that the culture of doing business has indeed been deeply embedded in their children since they were young. After all, teaching the theory of doing business alone is not enough if it is not accompanied by practice.

5. Have Basic Skills in Management

Businesses managed directly by Chinese people have a very good management system. A small example can be seen from the stock of goods sold at the store. They never run out of stock of goods because they always check the availability of these items before opening the shop the next day.

This method is done so that customers are not disappointed when they want to shop at the store. So that customers remain loyal to shop at one store without any intention of moving to another store.

6. Dare to take risks

Every decision taken is never free from risks which will greatly affect future business trips. However, Chinese people do not really think about the risks that will occur because the decisions made have gone through a very long analysis process.

Not only that, decisions are also not linked to just one business aspect, but all aspects of the business so that they can determine the speculation that will occur in the future.

7. Always be on time

Unlike the indigenous people, Chinese people have a well-scheduled routine. For example, when you wake up in the morning, have breakfast, go to work, and all activities that will be carried out for one day. These routines are fixed in nature, do not change so that they can do all activities properly and on time.

8. The Importance of Changing the Culture of Life

Everyone who is born in this world has the opportunity to succeed in the business world. As long as you want to change your lifestyle from being “lazy” to “hardworking”.

There is nothing wrong with imitating the living culture of the Chinese people above, who knows that by imitating life, it can change for the better and certainly can achieve success.

So, there is no success without struggle. Come on, get other useful information from Indonesia and keep your health condition in order to avoid the danger of the COVID-19 virus pandemic.


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