Discrimination against minority groups in Indonesia, such as cover-ups, is a forced force and the prohibition of Christian worship often results in portrait violence which is considered normal as a minority group.

Recently there have been incidents of persecution of Christian minority groups’ religious activities in several regions in Indonesia. So, what makes it difficult for them to exercise their religious freedom even though they are guaranteed freedom which is said to be recognized in that country?

Considered Heresy

Some of the majority groups in Indonesia consider Christianity to be a religion that carries out heretical teachings. This accusation of heresy led to violence.

All Complicated

The pressure and discrimination also experienced by those who adhere to Christianity in Indonesia occurs only in a few areas. The existence of licensing regulations to build places of worship for adherents of religious minorities makes it very difficult for every religious minority adherents to build and build their places of worship. The construction of places of worship for minority religions, of course, requires a joint decree from 3 ministers and support from dozens of people from the majority group.

From Childhood

Discrimination against Christian minority groups was also experienced by you minority from childhood. There is a stigma against this group. friends also often say why are you a Christian? There are 3 or more extreme Gods of Christians who are always called the inhabitants of hell and even always get negative jokes such as saying that Jesus was not crucified or Christians are infidels.

Protection Guarantee

Discriminatory treatment of religious minority groups in Indonesia is normal. Although it is said that the state guarantees freedom of religion for minority groups, the fact is that the government can only stand by and surrender to radical groups that always try to undermine harmony between religious believers.

Hopefully this article can add to your authority and hopefully Indonesia will be peaceful and prosperous.


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