Maybe you are curious about the figure of a grandfather with a black cap on display in some field food stalls. To the public it may be assumed that the photo is a figure of a family, ancestor or restaurant runner.

That assumption is very wrong. The figure in the photo is Ungku Saliah, a scholar who is respected by the Pariaman community. The posting of his photo is a sign that the owner of the Padang eatery business is a man from Pariaman area. So, what is the influence of Ungku Saliah on the Pariaman Community?

Ungku Saliah was born with the nickname Dawat / Dawaik. His real name is Sheikh Kiramatullah, while the title Saliah was given by his teacher because of his piety and religious obedience. Apart from the ulama, he is the mamak of the Sikumbang tribe. Tribe inherited by his mother Tuneh.

During his life, Ungku Saliah was active in studying and teaching religious knowledge. Ungku Saliah’s studies and tarekat are not only popular in Pariaman, but also in Java. This Syafii scholar is a Pariaman community leader who is very emulated because of his personal piety. Hopefully this article can increase your insight and visit Indonesia. Come on, share the article from to increase the insight of many people.


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