Izaak Samuel Kijne is a pastor, Protestant missionary and a teacher because he has a school principal certificate (Actee Hoofdonderwijzer). He served in Papua (Mansinam) in 1923, in 1946, the Kijne family had to be exiled to Balige North Sumatra as a prisoner of the Japanese army, one of his children named Mieke was born in detention.

After World War II, he rebuilt the education system in Papua, many school books (counting, writing, reading) were created by him by adopting Papuan culture so that they were easily understood and understood by school children in the villages. With his education he became the director of schools in several places (Mansinam, Miei, Yoka)

He is the founder of education with a modern curriculum that is tailored to the needs of the Papuan people.

The most famous of him are his statements which are considered as prophecies about the future of the Papuan people, which until now are often quoted and delivered at various moments. For example:

(“On this rock, I put the Papuan Civilization. Even if people have high intelligence, reason and wisdom but cannot lead this nation, this nation will rise and lead itself”).

(“Whoever works in this Land faithfully, honestly and listens, then he will walk from one sign of wonder to another.”)

To commemorate his services, the Manokwari district government built a bronze statue of Kijne at the Wosi junction. So, Izaak Samuel Kijne is also very well known to many Papuans. Come on, get interesting information and add to your insight from Indonesiar.com.


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