Every country in the world must have national borders in order to mark that this region is included in the country and this region is not or has entered another country. Let us discuss the countries bordering Indonesia in full in this article.

Indonesia is a country with the largest archipelago in the world, until now Indonesia is known as an agricultural country as well as a maritime country, because Indonesia has a vast sea and a lot of fertile land.

In the era of the Srivijaya and Majapahit Kingdoms. The name “Nusantara” was once victorious with agriculture and maritime affairs.

Countries Bordering Indonesia

Countries bordering Indonesia are divided into two categories. Namely the country bordering:

1. Sea or Ocean

2. Land area.

Indonesia has a coastline of about 81,900 km

Country Bordering the Sea or Ocean with Indonesia

One third of our country is ocean. Where the sea boundaries relate to 10 countries.The territories bordering the oceans or seas in Indonesia, among others are as follows:

1. State of India

2. Timor Leste

3. Republic of Palau

4. The State of Australia

5. The Philippines

6. State of Thailand

7. State of Singapore

8. Country Vietnam

9. Papua New Guinea

10. Australia

Countries Bordering Indonesia’s Mainland

As for the countries bordering the mainland of Indonesia, their land borders only relate to 3 countries. among others are as follows:

1. The State of Malaysia

2. The State of Papua New Guinea

3. The State of Timor Leste

Geographically, Indonesia is located between Asia and Australia and between the Indian and Pacific oceans

The following is an explanation of these countries, see below

Countries bordering northern Indonesia


The determination of maritime boundaries between Indonesia and Malaysia in several parts of the waters of the Malacca Strait has not yet been agreed by both parties. As a result, it often creates friction in the field between Indonesian fishermen field officers and their neighbors.

Malaysia is the country closest to Indonesia and the one with the most border conflicts. Several areas in Indonesia directly border Malaysia, such as in the province of North Kalimantan, which is directly adjacent to Sarawak Malaysia.

Indonesia – Singapore

Singapore is a neighboring country that is included in the category of Developed Countries, Singapore is a country that borders the Indonesian sea to be precise, namely in Riau and Riau Islands Provinces. Singapore is located very close to Batam City.

Indonesia – Thailand

The northern part of the Malacca Strait and the Andaman Sea are the areas that become the border between Indonesia and Thailand. In fact, the two countries are located quite far from the land compared to Brunei Darusslam, although they are far both countries are maritime neighbors.

Indonesia – Philippines

The waters of the north and the southern part of Miangas Island are one of the areas bordering the Philippines, this area is in the Indonesian Territory to be precise Sulawesi Island.

Indonesia – Vietnam

Sekatung Island in the Natuna Islands (Indonesia) and Condore Island in Vietnam are the border locations between Indonesia and Vietnam, the two countries do have differences in political views despite being members of ASEAN.

Indonesia – Republic of Palau

Until now, Indonesia and Palau have not agreed to recognize the boundaries of the EEZ waters of Palau with the Indonesian EEZ which is located in northern Papua. As a result, there are often disagreements about territorial violations committed by fishermen from either Indonesia or Palau.

Countries bordering eastern Indonesia

Indonesia – Papua New Guinea

The countries of Indonesia and Papua New Guinea are bordered by land and sea, which are precisely both on the island of Papua. These two countries are the closest neighbors because they are both developing countries. Even so, in relation to Papua New Guinea, it is still the poorest country in the Asian region.

Countries bordering southern Indonesia

Indonesia – Timor Leste

During the leadership of President BJ Habibie Timor Leste, the area that was once the power of the Republic of Indonesia has become independent and has become part of Asean, Timor Leste is directly adjacent to the Province of East Nusa Tenggara

Indonesia – Australia

The Timor Gap region is the border area between Indonesia and Australia. The territory of Indonesia and Australia is rarely heard of conflicts. Even so, several times, on purpose, Australia was the one who supported Timor Leste to leave and become independent from Indonesia.

Countries bordering western Indonesia

Indonesia – India

Countries bordering Indonesia, especially in its sea area, namely India, Indonesia and India, are bordered by the Indian Ocean, which is the border, namely Rondo Island in Aceh and Nicobar Island in India.

The border of an area is usually marked with a large gate, monument, in the form of a river, sea, fence and so on.

Astronomical Boundaries of Indonesia

This astronomical location is calculated based on the location of longitude and latitude.

Longitude is an imaginary line that circles the earth vertically and connects the south pole and the north pole

Meanwhile, latitude is an imaginary line that circles the earth horizontally.

So, the location of Indonesia is astronomically between 6 degrees North latitude to 11 degrees South latitude and between 95 degrees East Longitude to 141 degrees East Longitude (6˚ North Latitude – 11˚ South Latitude and 95˚ East Longitude – 141˚Longitude East).

Land Border


The determination of land boundaries between the two countries in the Malacca Strait and the South China Sea was signed on 27 October 1969 which was ratified by Presidential Decree No.89 of 1969 dated 5 November 1969 / LN No.54 and was named the agreement “Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Indonesia and the Government of Malaysia. Regarding the Establishment of the Continental Shelf Boundary Between the Two Countries. “

Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Indonesia and the Government of Malaysia Relating to the Delimitation of the Continental Shelves between the Two Countries.

Papua New Guinea

Indonesia and Papua New Guinea have reached an agreement on land and maritime boundaries. However, there are some cultural constraints that can lead to misunderstanding.

Cultural similarities and kinship ties between residents on both sides of the border, cause claims to traditional rights can develop into complex problems at a later date.

Timor Leste

Currently, a number of Timor Leste people who live on the border still use the rupiah currency, Indonesian language, and interact socially and culturally with the Indonesian people.

Cultural similarities and kinship ties between villagers on both sides of the border, can lead to claims of traditional rights, which can develop into more complex problems.

In addition, the presence of Timor Leste refugees who are still in the territory of Indonesia in large numbers has the potential to become a border problem in the future.

The establishment of the state of Timor Leste as an independent state has made the country have to form a new border between Indonesia and Timor Leste. The negotiations to determine land and sea boundaries between Indonesia and Timor Leste have been carried out and are still ongoing today.


As a maritime country, Indonesia has more maritime boundaries than land borders.

This is because there are 10 countries connected to Indonesia by sea, and only 3 are connected by land. Then geographically, Indonesia’s territorial boundaries include:

1. To the east, Indonesia is bordered by Papua New Guinea.

2. To the west, Indonesia is bordered by the Indian Ocean and the state of India.

3. In the south, Indonesia is bordered by the Indian Ocean and the state of Timor Leste.

4. To the north, Indonesia is bordered by Malaysia, Singapore, the Pacific Ocean, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam.

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