Dogs are animals that are mostly kept by humans in the world. This animal has an obedient character and is loyal to the master who keeps the animal. Although some people care about dogs, it turns out that there are several countries where residents like to eat dog meat as food.

The following summarizes several countries whose residents consume dog meat. Come on, read it !

1. Vietnam

The first country is Vietnam. This country is the most eating dog meat in the world. There are about 5 million dogs killed and eaten every year. Vietnamese people believe that eating dog meat will increase the vitality of men and warm the body. The dogs that were killed were mostly taken from stray dogs that lived on the streets.

2. China

Next is China. This country is the largest producer of dog meat in the world. Even in this country has established a dog meat industry. There are about 2 million dogs killed every year. In this country, to kill a dog for meat is said to be very sadistic.

They will torture the dogs, this is so that the dogs do not bite when they are being cut. After that the dog will be broken leg and then skinned alive. In this country eating dog meat has become a tradition and there are festivals that require eating this cute animal.

3. South Korea

Although very well known for the Korean drama industry and K-Pop, South Korea. consumption of dog meat in this country reaches 2.5 million in one year. The reason they eat this dog meat is because they believe that this dog meat is very beneficial for health. In this country itself, the supply of dog meat also comes from China. The habit of consuming dog meat has also received criticism from animal activists in this country.

4. Filipina

The next country is the neighboring country, the Philippines. The country consumes more than half a million dogs to slaughter and eat. The country also has a dog meat trading center in the city of Baguio, in the province of Bengeut, on the North Luzon Island. The reason local people eat this dog meat is because of an ancient tradition. In ancient times, when we ate dog meat it was related to ritual mourning. Currently the local government has issued regulations on the killing and consumption of dog meat. But local residents still eat and consume the poor animal’s meat.

5. Indonesia

The last country is Indonesia. Even though this country is dominated by Muslims, in some places in this country they still consume dog meat as food. One of the places for slaughtering dogs for consumption is in the Tomohon area. Residents there have killed dogs to sell and consume.

Apart from Tomohon, the capital city of Jakarta is also counted as the region with the highest consumption of dog meat. It is known that more than 40 thousand dog meat has been sent to Jakarta. In Solo, dog meat is even processed into satay or tongseng.

Because it looks sadistic and inappropriate, consumption of dog meat in Indonesia has come under strong criticism from Australian animal-loving activists recently. Come on, get interesting information and add to your insight from

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