Often hear the term break in a love relationship? Do you understand the true meaning of this break? Instead of just listening, maybe many of you have experienced this break when making a commitment with someone. This break is actually an exception made when you and your partner do not really face separation in a love relationship, as reported by bravotv.com, Thursday (03/07/2019).

To break with a partner, first, determine how long it will take. It is very important for two people in a relationship to discuss how long it takes to temporarily separate from each other.

Ideally, a break should be done not less than a month and not more than three months. The most important thing is that you and your partner must both agree with the time frame, have honest discussions, even if it feels uncomfortable for the love relationship being lived.

Discuss about how long you and your partner want to break

After that, discuss the reasons for the break. The reason may be simple, but also difficult.

The purpose of the break is actually to decide whether separation or breaking up is really the best, realizing that the goal of the relationship from the beginning is for the long term. Third, set expectations during the break, such as whether one of you and your partner want to date someone else.

So, is it permissible to communicate with each other during the break? Break serves as a detox, so as much as possible do not make any contact.