Padang cuisine is a very famous traditional Indonesian food with delicious taste. Even though Padang cuisine tastes very good, Padang food also has a spicy taste. Why does Padang food have a spicy taste?

Padang cuisine has a spicy taste because in ancient times the Minangkabau area had 3 areas known as luhak nan tigo, namely Luhak Agam, Luhak Limapuluh Kota and Luhak Tanah Datar.

The origin of Minang cuisine comes from these 3 areas which are the highlands and are also called darek. Darek area is surrounded by cold air, therefore it takes something warm for its inhabitants.

One way is through cooking, using chilies in recipes to make it spicy and warm the body. That is why Minang cuisine is predominantly spicy.

Over time, the Minangkabau region began to develop, the Minang people began to spread to overseas areas or areas outside the luhak nan tigo. but this does not make the tradition of using chilies in cooking disappear, even though their area of ​​residence is not upland.

Hopefully the articles we provide can add to your insight and make you love Indonesian specialties which are known for their delicious taste.


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