Even though it is very popular in Indonesia, the wondhang rondhe turns out to be the result of Chinese and Javanese culinary acculturation. Then, how can we play the rondhe wedhang so that we can enjoy it now?

Wedang typical consisting of ginger sauce and filling in the form of rounds and other supplements is very suitable to be eaten to fight the cold air. Moreover, this culinary one is not difficult to find in Indonesia.

From street vendors to restaurants, wedhang rondhe became a drink that never lost its fans. However, behind its prominence, many are mistaken about its origin.

If you consider this warm rondhe wedhang original from Java, maybe you need to think again. Yep, even though Rondhe looks typical Javanese, that assumption is apparently wrong. In fact, it is said that the drink did not come from this country.

Jongkie Tio, the owner of Semarang Restaurant, who often became a reference for old-fashioned culinary talks in Lunpia City, in an interview with Indonesiar, Com once said that rondhe was an acculturation of Chinese and Javanese culinary.

Judging from its history, wondhang rondhe was first popular in the Solo and Salatiga regions. As Jongkie said, rondhe is a mixture of two cultures. Basically, this warm atmosphere comes from China, called dongzi or tangyuan.

Tangyuan means round ball in soup. Far from the flavors of rondhe wedhang which is now popular, tangyuan has a variety of ways of presentation. In northern China, tangyuan balls taste sweet with bean paste, sugar and sesame fillings.

Meanwhile, in northern China, tangyuan balls contain meat which naturally has a savory taste.

As many Chinese traders came to Indonesia, this drink became known. By modifying it into a sauce made from ginger and palm sugar, this drink quickly became popular on the tongue of the local community.

Now, the results of the acculturation can be found with Indonesian special taste: sweet sauce with a little spicy ginger. Also, there are sticky rice balls filled with delicious bean paste.

Various condiments in the form of jelly, the foliage until the roasted beans also become a perfect complement! Hm, when night falls, it’s cold, it’s really fun to drink wedhang rondhe! Do you want to try the round? Come on a trip to Indonesia!