The Yogyakarta area has a variety of places to enjoy food. Starting from restaurants to angkringan food stalls. You may ask, what is angkringan? Angkringan is a simple food stall using a wheelbarrow and covered with a plastic tarp as the roof.

The uniqueness of Angkringan is that it has a multi-purpose wheelbarrow. Apart from heating water or cooking, this Angkringan cart also functions as a place to put food and as a dining table for buyers. This Angkringan is very well known in Yogyakarta, and has become one of the culinary icons in Yogyakarta.

The term Angkringan comes from the word “Angkring”, which in Javanese means “to sit back”. Buyers can sit back and relax in chairs that are stacked around the cart. This chair can accommodate 8-10 buyers, with bright lights and streetlights, we can chat together and eat / drink.

Apart from being called angkringan, it is also commonly referred to as “hik stalls, wedangan, demit stalls, koboy stalls and others”.

The mandatory menu that is always in Angkringan is “cat rice”. Cat rice itself is a food in the form of rice and anchovies or chili sauce. Why is it called cat rice? because the size is very small and only a handful of hands, so it’s like a meal for a cat. In addition to its simple size and content, cat rice is usually wrapped in paper and banana leaves.

Apart from cat rice, Angkringan also provides other menus that are neatly arranged on the cart, such as various fried foods, chicken intestine satay, quail egg satay, and others.

Apart from food, there are also drinks whose water is cooked directly on the Angkringan multi-purpose cart. For drinks, usually Angkringan provides tea, coffee, orange, ginger, ginger milk and of course Kopi Joss.

Even though it provides delicious and varied food, the price for each menu is very cheap. Even though it is cheap, Angkringan is not only visited by all people.

Angkringan is well-known as the unifier of the nation because it is a place to eat that does not differentiate between social status, ethnicity or religion, so that everyone can relax and eat here.

This Angkringan is very easy to find in almost every street in Yogyakarta. There are many Angkringan selling on the side of the road.

Not only providing seats around the cart, but Angkringan also provides lesehan places, so that we can relax while enjoying the Angkringan menu and the atmosphere of the city of Yogyakarta.

Instead of visiting Yogyakarta by spending money to eat at fancy restaurants, you better try eating at angkringan.


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