Seblak is an Indonesian food that is known to come from Bandung, West Java, which has a savory and spicy taste. Made from wet crackers cooked with vegetables and protein sources such as eggs, chicken, seafood or processed beef, and cooked with kencur. Seblak is now a street snack food favored by various groups of people, especially in West Java and Jabodetabek.

Along with the development of traditional snacks and street food trends, seblak is not only served with a regular topping on a cart. Seblak has developed into a modern food and has managed to attract attention. This chewy texture food has a spicy and refreshing taste, and has several variations, both flavors and additives as well as sales packaging.

Making seblak basically consists of prawn crackers that are poured with hot water and topped with herbs and vegetables. Seblak is made from boiled crackers and given spices such as shallots, garlic, salt, kencur, cayenne pepper, and flavorings.

seblak popular around 2000s. Similar foods have also existed in the southern part of Cianjur since the time before independence. However, what distinguishes seblak from similar foods is that seblak generally uses orange crackers with cikur spices and is served with spicy sauce.

Indonesia has a variety of wealth in the culinary field. Likewise, and seblak also has several types. Anything?

Seblak Kering (although it is somewhat rare), is a spicy cracker similar to basreng (fried meatballs).

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So, do you want to try this delicious food from Indonesia ?

Source :wikipedia