Indonesia has a delicious culinary diversity. Some of the delicious culinary delights are called sayur lodeh. What are Sayur Lodeh ? And how does the traditional Indonesian food called sayur lodeh taste?

Sayur lodeh is a vegetable dish made with coconut milk, especially in Central Java. Sayur lodeh has various variations in the seasonings, some are white coconut milk and some have reddish yellow coconut milk.

The ingredients that are often used are pumpkin jipang, long beans, eggplant, petai, tempeh, chili, small corn and coconut milk. This delicious and savory recipe is very refreshing and is suitable when combined with serundeng meat, beef empal, salted egg and tuna. And usually served together with chili sauce and white rice.

This dish resembles curry, but it uses vegetables instead of meat or seafood. In Indonesia, there are many food stalls that sell Sayur Lodeh. So, have you ever tried eating this traditional Indonesian food on this one?


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