Rempeyek or peyek is a kind of complementary food from the fried group. In general, peanut brittle is fried rice flour mixed with water to form a thick dough, seasoned (especially salt and garlic), and given a distinctive filler, usually peanut or soybean seeds.

The role of flour here is as a binder. Fillers can also be small animal food items, such as anchovies, dried shrimp, small prawns, jingking, or laron. Nowadays people also make peanut brittle from spinach & crab leaves.

As a complementary food, the function of peanut brittle is the same as crackers, namely as a complement to dishes

Peanut brittle is easily found for sale in food stalls, markets, or in supermarkets. In the countryside, it is usually served in weddings or parishes.

Source : wikipedia