Indonesia has a rich variety of traditional foods. One of the riches of traditional food is Lotek. What is Lotek? Where did Lotek come from?

Lotek is a traditional Indonesian food from West Java. At first glance, this lotek is almost similar to Gado-gado, which is a food in the form of fresh vegetable stew drenched in a dressing in the form of chili sauce mixed with peanut sauce.

The uniqueness is that tempeh is often added to the chili sauce beside peanuts and in the marinade, shrimp paste, brown sugar and garlic are added. In general, lotek tastes sweeter than pecel or Gado-Gado.

To add a spicy taste to Lotek, you can add chilies that are ground with peanut sauce. Lotek is also sold in various areas in West Java and outside West Java.

This food is very healthy because it uses a variety of vegetables. Lotek can be served with lontong or warm rice, accompanied by crackers and fried onions. So, are you interested in trying traditional Indonesian food?


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