The most characteristic of Papua Province One of them is Koteka. As we all know, Indonesia has 34 provinces with a variety of different cultures. This makes each region has its own characteristics. Usually, people will find it easier to know the characteristics of an area based on traditional clothing owned or worn by the surrounding community.

Koteka is more often used by people in rural tribes, more specifically in Paniai, especially men. According to language, koteka means clothes. This clothing also has another name holim or horim, some people in the Jayawijaya Mountain tribe call it that. This outfit is very unique, because it is only used to cover the genitals of men, they also use it topless.

The size of the Papua traditional clothing is adjusted to the activities carried out by its users. The way they use Koteka, makes it easy for them to get to know one another. Usually, these short traditional Papuan clothes are done for daily activities such as work. Whereas if there is a traditional ceremony, they tend to use this traditional clothing which is longer with a variety of decorations that can beautify the traditional clothes of Papua this one.

In addition to different sizes, each tribe also has a different shape Koteka. There are two examples of differences, if the Yali people prefer the elongated form of traditional Papuan clothing, the Tiom tribe prefers to use the Koteka form which is branched by having two pumpkins.

Koteka Basic Materials

Pumpkin? Yes, pumpkin. The basic ingredients of Koteka are old pumpkin whose contents and seeds are removed and the skin is dried in the sun. The skin of old water pumpkin is dried in the sun so that it doesn’t rot quickly. Then why do Papuans prefer to use old water pumpkins rather than young ones ?. Because the texture of old water pumpkin is harder than the young ones, so it is more durable.

At present, Papuan traditional clothing is rarely used to become everyday clothes. Papuan traditional clothing is also prohibited if worn on public transportation and at school. Koteka is now more used as a souvenir. But in Wamena, Papua traditional clothing is still often used. If tourists want to take photos with the wearer, they must pay several tens of thousands of rupiah in advance.

Very unique Papua traditional clothes, one of you who want to have Koteka too? Or just want to just try to wear it? There is no harm in trying to wear this traditional dress. Pretty good can get a new experience.

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