Gorengan (Fried flour) are various types of foods which are dipped in flour dough and then fried soaked in lots of hot cooking oil. In Indonesia, fried food is a popular snack. Fried food sellers can be found on the side of the road or wander around by picks or carts

The ingredients are coated with flour dough and fried include; bananas, tempeh, tofu, oncom, yams, cassava, cireng (Sundanese: Aci fried), namely fried cassava flour, breadfruit, and bakwan (in West Java it is called “bala-bala”) which is flour mixture mixed with chopped cabbage and carrots .

One popular type of fried food is Tahu Sumedang. Corn fritters and potato fritters are also included in the fried category. Fried food is usually eaten with cayenne pepper. In Malaysia, fried foods are also common, including fried bananas and fried sweet potatoes.

In Japanese cuisine, vegetables and seafood (especially shrimp) that are fried are called tempura, eaten by dipping in a light, sweet, salty soy sauce. Likewise, in India fried foods are also popular.