Getuk (Hanacaraka: ꦒꦼꦛꦸꦏ꧀, Javanese: gethuk) is a snack made with the main ingredient of cassava or cassava. Getuk is a food that is easily found in Central and East Java. Making getuk begins with peeled cassava then steamed or boiling, after being cooked then pounded or mashed by grinding and then given a sugar sweetener and food coloring. For serving, usually sprinkled with grated coconut.

Getuk is known to be of two kinds:

Getuk, cassava that has been cooked when the temperature is still hot is sprinkled with small pieces of brown sugar so that the brown color is uneven.

Getuk lindri, cooked cassava finely ground with sugar, spiked with food coloring and vanilla and then printed into small pieces lengthwise and pressed together this elongated shape of noodles to form a display with a thickness of about 2cm wide by 4cm, after that cut into long shapes about 5cm and 4cm wide.

A campursari song popularized by Nurafni Octavia uses the name of this food as its title.

  • Getuk based on ingredients consists of several variants, namely:
  • Getuk cassava, getuk made from cassava raw materials
  • Getuk sweet potato, getuk made from the raw material of yams
  • Getuk taro, getuk made from taro raw material
  • Getuk banana, getuk made from banana raw materials

Source : wikipedia