Acehnese have very interesting habits when gathering. In every coffee shop, many customers always order drinks, namely coffee. In addition, in Aceh there is a very famous coffee, namely Gayo coffee

Gayo coffee is a type of coffee produced from coffee plantations in the Gayo highlands, Aceh. There are two varieties of coffee that are widely developed by the community, including Arabica coffee and Robusta coffee.

Unlike other types of coffee in Indonesia, this type of coffee has a light taste and is not too bitter like other coffees. Gayo coffee is much favored by coffee connoisseurs. Gayo coffee is one of the most well-known types of coffee in Indonesia, even its quality has been recognized by the world.

Gayo coffee has a varied taste, because the location of the soil, water content, and soil conditions in the Gayo highlands tend to be different. Although it is different, it does not mean that the quality is different, it’s just that the taste is more varied so that it further enriches the taste of this Gayo Coffee.

In addition, Gayo Coffee also has a very distinctive aroma and is different from other coffee aromas. This is what makes Gayo Coffee even more superior than other types of coffee.

The processing of Gayo Coffee is done well to produce the best quality coffee, from the selection process to the marketing process.

During the harvest time, not all coffee cherries are picked, because only ripe coffee cherries are chosen, namely coffee cherries that are red in color.

After finishing picking, then proceed with the “pen” process using a special machine. Then after that the fermentation process is carried out.

In this fermentation process, the coffee beans are washed with clean water. After finishing washing, then dry it in the sun. The drying process must also be careful because the drying process must not touch the ground.

After that, it is continued with the hulling process and produces coffee with the skin of the nails peeled. Then dry in the sun again and do the greader process or the selection of seeds based on quality. Then the coffee is ready to be sold. Gayo coffee is also low in caffeine so it is still safe for consumption.

In Aceh, Gayo coffee is very easy and widely sold, ranging from supermarkets to stall traders. So you don’t need to worry if you want to try buying Gayo coffee as souvenirs. Hopefully the information we convey will be of benefit and increase your knowledge about traditional culinary in Indonesia.


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