For those of you who have never vacationed or visited the Riau Islands province, maybe you have never heard of epok-epok. How do epok-epok form and how it feels to eat these foods called epok-epok.

Epok-epok is a typical Riau Archipelago street food such as a pastel made by placing the filling on top of the dough, then folded and closed tightly. Pastels can taste sweet or savory depending on the filling. Pastels can be an easy dish to carry around.

This food generally contains diced potatoes or anchovies which have been given spices and made from thin pastry dough or puff pastry.

The process for cooking these epok-epok is generally fried and after frying it is usually drained to reduce the cooking oil content in the food and after that it is served with drinks such as warm tea or hot coffee. This snack has a tasty and delicious taste when served hot.

So, are you interested in trying to taste the culinary origin of the Riau Islands province? Come on, take a vacation to the Riau Islands province.

Source : Indonesiar