Kolak is a typical Indonesian food made from bananas or sweet potatoes boiled with pandan leaves, kolang kaling, ginger, coconut milk, white sugar and palm sugar. This food is mostly sold in Indonesia during the month of Ramadan only.

Kolak also has a variety of variants such as Banana kolak, sticky sticky rice kolak, pumpkin kolak, sweet potato kolak, durian kolak, kolang kaling kolak , cassava kolak, apple kolak , green bean ice kolak, yam cendol kolak , salak sweet potato seed kolak, sticky rice kolak young coconut, rainbow ball kolak, pearl sago kolak, green banana kolak, brown banana kolak, paris kolak, tapai pearl kolak, banana oatmeal ice kolak, pudding kolak.

Kolak has a very sweet taste and of course it is better to eat when it’s still warm. This food can be served using ice if you want to eat it in hot weather conditions. Hopefully this article useful for you. Come on, get other interesting information from Indonesiar.com.


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