Ulos including hereditary clothes that have been developed by the Batak community, North Sumatra. As for the fabrication of Ulos, it is almost the same as making a typical Palembang songket, because both of them use looms and do not use machines.

For Ulos fabric and the dominant color in Ulos fabric is black, red, yellow and white with silver or gold decoration.

In the beginning Ulos cloth was used on scarves or sarongs. But now it has been found in a variety of pillowcases, souvenirs, clothing, belts, ties, curtains, wallets and others. Let’s get to know this material from Kainpusat’s review …

History of Ulos Cloth

Ulos was originally used as a shawl, which symbolizes the bonding of parents’ affection for their children or between someone and another person.

This is in accordance with the Batak philosophy of “niihot ni hodong palm fiber” which means that the palm fibers are attached to the stem and for Ulos, the bond of affection between people.

Each Ulos has a state, nature, function and relationship with certain things. There are 3 most basic elements in human life, namely breath, blood and heat.

For the two previous elements, which are God-given and for the third element, they are not. Among Batak people it often sounds glossy which means giving Ulos.

Batak people believe that if Tondi needs to be in Ulos, then men who have hard souls have heroism and virility.

While for women, they have resilience traits against infertility or witchcraft. There are some rules that must be obeyed so that others should not just mangulosi.

Parents are only allowed to mengulosi children, but children are not allowed to mengulosi parents.

It can be concluded that the principle of Batak kinship called Dalihan Na Tolu consists of elements of Hula Hula Boru and Dongan Sabutuha. For a person just now it is not right to take care of his hula.

For Ulos given, it is not permissible to do carelessly writing, both in terms of how to make it or others.

For example, Ulos ragidup which will be given to new people, will give birth to his eldest child must meet certain requirements, namely Ulos Sinagok.

In ancient times the ancestors of the Batak tribe lived in mountainous areas. The majority of the habits of the ancestors are working in the fields so they are accustomed to fighting the extremely cold weather.

That is why Ulos began to be made and interpreted as a blanket that is able to warm the body while protecting itself from exposure to cold enough air because Ulos fabric is very warm.

According to the ancestors of the Batak tribe, there are three sources of warmth, namely fire, sun and Ulos.

Of the three ancestors assume that the source of warmth most comfortable to use for everyday life is Ulos.

Initially, Ulos has a function as a warmer for the body. but over time Ulos was used by traditional elders.

Characteristics of Ulos Fabrics

For those of you who are not Batak, you will certainly feel a little confused to know the characteristics or characteristics of the Ulos cloth. Though this type of historic fabric has characteristics that are very easily recognized. Here are the characteristics of Ulos fabrics that you can know about:

1. Can absorb sweat

Ulos fabric is made of materials that can absorb sweat, so that anyone who uses it can feel comfortable because it will not feel hot even if worn during hot weather.

2. Fabric does not smell

It is different from other types of fabric where Ulos fabric does not give odor, because the Ulos fabric is used. So it is suitable for those of you who don’t like the smell of fabric, especially when making a new purchase.

3. Not easily wear off

Ulos fabric does not fade easily when washed or when dried in the sun. Even if you wash it many times, you can see that the Ulos fabric has fiber that will not fade and does not change color.

4. Basic colors

Ulos cloth has been known as a very firm base color. For colors such as black, red and white.

Function of Ulos Fabric

The function of Ulos fabric is very diverse and you can see it in terms of the type and material of Ulos fabric itself. For those of you who want to know the function of ulos cloth, consider the following reviews:

1. For Batak Toba traditional events

The Ulos cloth has a function to wear at the traditional Batak Toba event, there are also other events such as a 7-month pregnant rescue, a ceremony to occupy a new home and a new grandchild’s shawl.

For the program, usually ulos cloth used is Bintang Maratur Edit.

2. For grief events

There are some Ulos fabrics that must be worn when attending a grief event which is used as a shawl.

For the types of Ulos cloth used, such as Ulos Bolean Edit, Ulos Padang Ursa, Ulos Mangiring Edit, Ulos Pinahan Lobu Lobu which are used as shawls and talitali.

3. As a bridal gift

Ulos cloth can also be used as a bridal gift that is celebrating a traditional Batak wedding. Besides that, Ulos cloth can also be worn for sling or parompa bonding. The type of Ulos fabric used is like Yeast Hotang.

4. For Batak girls

Ulos Huting type cloth also has a function for Batak girls who are generally wrapped around the chest. Parents can also wear when traveling.

How to Make Ulos Fabrics

The steps to make Ulos fabric are as follows:

1. Manufacture of yarn

The first process that must be done is by making yarn using the “sorha” tool. This tool will make it easier for players to form uniform sizes.

2. The coloring process

Ulos fabric is a yarn spun from cotton. At first the thread is white and the process is done to get the red color. To get black, Manshop does it and for other coloring materials it can be obtained from foliage as fermentation so that it can produce the color as desired.

3. Gatip

Graphics with special motifs can be found when thread is threaded at standard sizes. The making is done before the coloring is done. The thread is initially white and then tied using a binding material in the form of lemongrass leaves or fiber.

4. Poultry

Poultry is the process of lightening the thread in the toolbar or in the Shop the color will be a little dull, but can give brighter results. Previously, the thread was smeared with rice that was crushed and then rubbed using a round brush made of palm fiber.

5. Decomposition process

When the thread has finished uploading next, it is the decomposition process. To make it easier, the yarn in Huhull is rolled with a ball.

6. Tonun

Weaving or weaving is a process to form yarn that has been decomposed into a piece of Ulos.

7. Sirat

This is the last process that makes Ulos into a temporary polar form for Uulos binding decoration formed with Gorga Motifs.

The Meaning of Ulos Fabric Color

Ulos fabric not only has a symbolic function as an aspect of Batak life, but Ulos also becomes an inseparable part of Batak life.

For the Batak mangulosi custom to be a very important thing that is not just giving ordinary gifts.

This is because the processing ritual has a very deep meaning based on the color of the Ulos fabric, which is:

White gives meaning as honesty and purity.

The red color gives meaning as a brave soul and heroism.

Yellow gives meaning as fertility or rich.

The black color gives a meaning as a symbol of suffering.

Various Kinds of Ulos Fabrics

It is important for you to know that the Ulos cloth that you can find in the Batak tribe does not only consist of 1 or 3 kinds. However, there are many different types and materials of Ulos fabric that you can find out in the following reviews:

1. Ulos Padang Ursa

For the first kind of Ulos cloth, Ulos Padang Ursa. This type of Ulos cloth is often used as a shawl or cords in a traditional Batak tribe.

2. Ulos Mangiring

Ulos mangiring is often used for talitali, shawl and later given to children who have just been born, especially for the first child who has a purpose and purpose as a symbol of the desire for the child to be accompanied by the birth of a child onwards.

3. Ulos Bintang Maratur

This type of Ulos is often used when Batak tribes hold traditional Toba Batak events such as entering a new house and a 7-month salvation event.

4. Ulos Antak-Antak

This Antak-Antak cloth is often worn as a shawl. Mostly worn by parents when attending a funeral or mourn the person who died.

Not only that it turns out that Ulos cloth is also worn as a cloth that is wrapped around when used for dancing or a manortor event.

5. Ulos Bolean

Behind Ulos cloth that does not fade even though washed repeatedly many times it can also be used as a scarf when attending a funeral event.

This type of Ulos cloth is given to children who are losing their parents. To eliminate feeling or sorrow so that children who lose their parents can be tough in dealing with it.

6. Yeast Ulos Huting

Ulos Yeast Huting was widely used in ancient times before Indonesia’s independence. But unfortunately Ulos Yeast Hunting is now very rarely found or used.

In ancient times this type of Ulos cloth was used by girls to be used as daily clothes wrapped around the chest.

The use of the Ulos Yeast Hunting on this chest is to show this that a princess or girl is a virgin group of Batak Toba girls who are civilized.

7. Ulos Pinan Lobu-Lobu

This type of Ulos Pinan Lobu-Lobu cloth is used as a shawl when attending various events.

Whether it’s used for children, adults, girls or parents.

8. Ulos Ragi Hotang

Ulos Ragi Hotang will be given to the party of a pair of brides who have just held a traditional party.

This cloth is also often referred to as Ulos Hela which means that the parents of the bride have agreed to have their daughter married or edited by a man called the son-in-law.

In giving this Ulos Hutang cloth, it will always be accompanied by a son-in-law’s glove or Mandar Hela which shows that the man is not allowed to behave like a single boy.

But must behave as parents. Therefore, the sarong must be worn and carried on during customary activities.

9. Ulos Pinuncaan

This Pinuncaan Ulos consists of 5 parts which are woven and separated. After that it is put together with a neater look so that it will form one Ulos. For its uses are as follows

Worn on various purposes of joy, mourning and traditional events carried or worn by customary kings.

It is worn by ordinary people when fulfilling some guidelines such as traditional ceremonial parties or marriages worn by the host.

When a large party in a group of wives in the hula group, this type of Ulos cloth will later be wrapped or used as cloth by the host.

Has a function as Ulos Passamot in a wedding or marriage. While Ulos cloths will later be given by the parents of the bride to the parents of the groom as a symbol that they have officially become close relatives.

10. Ulos Sibolang Pamontari

Ulos sibolang pamontari is worn when attending a fun and grieving event as a sign of respect for adults who have died but do not have grandchildren.

Besides that, Sibolang Pamontari Ulos is also worn as Ulos Tujung addressed to widowers or widows, which means that men who have been killed by their wives and for women are left by their husbands.

When this mourning event occurs, Ulos is used as a symbol or shows that the person concerned is a close relative of the person who has died.

11. Ulos Tutur-Tutur

These Ulos Tutur-Tutur are often used as headbands or talits used as shawls or handehandes which are given by parents to their offspring or to their children.

12. Ulos Tumtuman

Tumtuman is used as a rope that has a motive and as a sign that the user is the first child or the child of the host or forest hasu.

13. Ulos Ragi Pakko

This type of Ulos is used as a blanket in ancient times and as a conduit for women from rich families to bring 2 yeast as a blanket everyday.

Therefore, if later they are old and die, this Ulos will use and add another Ulos, namely Ragi Pakko which has a black color like Pakko.

14. Ulos Ragi Harangan

Ulos Ragi Harangan used to be used as a blanket for families classified as rich families.

15. Ulos Saimarinjam Sisi

This type of Ulos fabric is very strong and is often used and functioned to complement the Ulunc Pinuncaan cloth that is carried on Batak traditional equipment as a precursor to the front or panjoloani.

While those who use Ulos are people who are at the very front.

16. Ulos Suri-Suri Ganjang

This type of Ulos Suri Suri Ganjang cloth is worn as a shawl or hande hand when dancing to Batak music.

Not only that ulos cloth is also used on the parents of the wife to give blessings to the offspring. This is also called blessing or Ulos Gabe Gabe.

17. Ulos Simpar

In general, Ulos Simpar has the function as a shawl and is worn by mothers when participating in various types of cultural events where attendance is limited to just an ordinary invitation.

This is often referred to as Panu Roti or parties that just enliven it.

18. Ulos Sibunga Umbasang

The usefulness or function of the Ulos Sibunga Umbasang fabric is the same as the type of Ulos Simpar fabric, which is both used as a shawl.

Ulos fabric is very comfortable, can be applied to the type of clothing that is being worn.

19. Ulos Sitolu Tuho

Ulos Sitolu Tuho gave the symbol as a Batak kinship. While the type of Ulos itself has three branches and Tohu means tree branches.

The specialty of this Ulos cloth can be seen from the ulos fabric and its Gorga Motif which has Tolu TuHo. This type of Ulos provides a description as a symbol of kinship for the Batak people.

Price of Ulos Fabric

If you are interested in purchasing Ulos fabric, you do not need to spend very large funds.

Meanwhile, for each Ulos fabric, the price is not the same.

It is enough to issue a budget of around Rp. 25,000 to Rp. 1,000,000 then you can get a typical Batos Ulos cloth.

Because of the many types of fabric owned by Ulos, then you should be able to determine what type of Ulos fabric you want to buy, for example for a wrap around the head, as a shawl, as a wrap around the waist and others, all of this depends on the type of Ulos cloth. alone.

The price offered by Ulos cloth varies greatly because the Ulos fabric has a different manufacturing process, the motives that it has and for the Ulos fabric are also not the same.

To be able to get quality Ulos cloth, you only need to spend more than Rp. 300,000. By spending more than IDR 300,000, you can get a very good quality Ulos fabric

The Advantages of Ulos Fabrics

Kain Ulos has advantages that deserve to be admired by the Batak people or other communities, such as the following:

Made from a very strong material, so it can last a long time.

It has a very easy maintenance so that it does not complicate the owner.

Ulos cloth is easy to get.

Has a color that does not fade even though often washed or dried in the sun.

Ulos cloth has a good fabric and will not look wrinkled even if it is not ironed.

Lack of Fabric Ulos

The disadvantages of Ulos fabric are:

When worn the skin feels itchy.

Often makes the body hot because of Ulos fabric is hot.

In the beginning, Ulos had the function as a body warmer. But apparently Ulos cloth also has a symbolic function that is used for matters relating to aspects of Batak life. In the life of the Batak people, Ulos cannot be separated while each Ulos has its own meaning.