Sambal is a complementary addition to some of Indonesia’s delicious culinary delights. Indonesians in general are accustomed to eating food using chili sauce. The use of sambal is of course a characteristic of Indonesian culinary delights.

Indonesia has a variety of processed chili sauce. Among the many kinds of chili sauce, some of them are very popular in the community. What are the types of chili sauce? Let’s take a look at the following kinds of the most popular chili sauce in Indonesia!

1. Chili Onions

Onion chili sauce is a type of chili sauce that uses a mixture of onions and red chilies. The onions used can be onions and garlic or a mixture of both. This chili and onion blend has a delicious delicious taste and is suitable for any dish, especially fried or grilled chicken, and other meats.

2. Sambal Teri

This type of Sambal has a spicy and savory taste that comes from one of the ingredients of this chili mixture, namely anchovy. The anchovies used in this type of chili sauce are usually anchovies which are known to have a crunchy and delicious taste. Coupled with fresh, spicy chilies that will definitely make you addicted!

3. Fish Roa Sambal

Sambal Ikan Roa is a type of chili sauce originating from Manado, North Sulawesi. Sambal Ikan Roa, made from a mixture of fresh chilies and smoked Roa fish. Roa fish is a typical Manado fish found in North Sulawesi and its surroundings. Because Roa fish is only found in the area, making this Roa Fish Sambal is very special.

4. Sambal Plow

This type of Indonesian chili sauce originates from the Central Java region. The name plow chili is taken from the history of making this chili sauce. This chili sauce is often brought by farmer mothers who bring food to farmers who are plowing the fields. That’s why this sauce is called chili sauce. Generally, this chili sauce has a taste that is not too spicy

5. Sambal Matah

This type of chili sauce is currently popular. Sambal Matah is a type of chili sauce originating from Bali. Unlike the other chili sauce which is cooked beforehand, this Sambal Matah is served by slicing fresh ingredients such as chilies, shallots, lemongrass and lime leaves then adding coconut oil and lime.

6. Sambal Ijo

Sambal Ijo is a type of chili sauce that is usually found in Padang restaurants. If other chillies use red chilies as the main ingredient, Sambal Ijo uses green chilies as the main ingredient. This type of chili sauce is very popular in Indonesia.

7. Sambal Terasi

Sambal Terasi is a type of chili sauce that has a unique and distinctive taste. This unique taste is obtained from the additional ingredient, namely shrimp paste. The paste itself is a cooking spice made from fermented fish to form a dough or paste with a strong aroma. The distinctive aroma and taste are the hallmarks of this Terasi chili sauce.

8. Sambal Lampung

As the name implies, this Sambal comes from Lampung Province, South Sumatra. Sambal, which is often used as a typical Lampung souvenir, generally has a very spicy taste. Made with simple ingredients, this chili sauce has a predominantly light and spicy taste. This chili sauce is suitable to be enjoyed with other side dishes.

9. Mango Sambal

This type of chili sauce uses the basic ingredients of fresh chilies with the addition of fresh young mango slices. Because it is mixed with mangoes, this chili sauce has a spicy, sweet and sour taste as well.

10. Sambal Pecel

If you have ever tasted Pecel culinary, surely you will know about Sambal Pecel which is a complement to this culinary delicacy. Sambal Pecel is made from a mixture of peanuts, chilies and other spices. You can enjoy this sambal pecel anytime, because now you have Sambal Pecel with practical packaging. You only need to add water and add various vegetables to enjoy your homemade pecel culinary at home!

11. Sambal Cumi

Bored with the same chili sauce? Well, you can make this Sambal Cumi a choice. If chili sauce usually uses a mixture of fish, this type of chili uses squid as the mixture. Besides having a delicious spicy taste, this Sambal contains high protein and vitamins that come from squid.

12. Sambal Balado

This type of chili sauce is a typical Minangkabau sauce. Actually Balado is a typical Minangkabau cooking technique by mixing ground chilies, various spices cooked together with dishes such as jerky, anchovies, eggplant and others. Because of its deliciousness, Sambal Balado is now available that you can mix with your favorite side dishes.

So, which chili sauce have you ever eaten? Come on, get interesting information from and share this useful information with everyone.


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