Indonesia is a country that has diversity. Although it is a country with many tribes, Indonesia also has several tribes that share several similarities. Tribe in Indonesia which has several cultural similarities such as the Batak tribe with the Toraja tribe.

The Toraja and Batak tribes have several unique cultures and these two tribes have several similarities.

So, what are the cultural similarities between the Batak and Toraja people? Here discusses some of the similarities between the Batak and Toraja tribes:

1. Carved Forms and Architectural Styles of Traditional Houses

Batak traditional houses and traditional Toraja houses have similar forms and also the art of carving in the house, such as the gorga in the Jabu Bolon traditional house in the Batak tribe and neq limbogan in the Tongkonan traditional house in the Toraja tribe.

2. Cultural Forms and Customary Traditions

In traditional Batak and Toraja ceremonies both symbolize a buffalo, which is an animal that is often sacrificed in traditional ceremonies such as death ceremonies (rambu solo ‘, marapu, tiwah, saur matua and mangokal holi), or the construction of traditional houses. being slaughtered at a traditional ceremony illustrates the family’s ability or the high social status of a person in society. This activity is symbolically illustrated by the number of buffalo horns that are displayed in traditional houses.

3. Traditional Dances and Traditional Clothing

Tor tor dance in Batak, there is also a similarity with the solo sign dance and also traditional clothing such as the Ulos shirt for the Batak tribe and the Pokko ‘shirt for the Toraja tribe.

4. Clen Naming or Family Name

There are several Batak clans that happen to be the same, and some are similar but not the same as the Toraja Marga. This equation is more accurately called sound or writing similarity.

For example: Limbong clan: Limbong, Palimbong

For example: Tobing’s clan: Toding, Pakpahan: Pahan, Pulungan: Palengan, Aritonang: Aitonam, Pardede: Pirade, etc.

For the Sipayung clan, it is often said to also exist in Toraja, possibly the descendants of Batak migrants (Simalungun) who may have been married to Toraja women and had descent in Toraja Land. According to the records of the Toraja people, this Sipayung clan is not included in the large family association of the original Toraja clan.

So, whatever your ethnicity and race, while we are in this world, of course, we must respect each other’s diversity and differences. Come on, get other interesting information from and stay healthy during this COVID-19 pandemic.


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