In Indonesia, there are many kinds of fried foods. One of the fried foods is fried. Fried food also has various variants such as cireng, cassava, sweet potato, bakwan, risoles, banana molen, banana, tofu, tempeh, cassava and others. Fried is processed food that is fried and has been coated with liquid flour mixed with spices.

Fried is also the food most favored by Indonesians. What makes this food popular with Indonesians? Here discusses some of the reasons Indonesians love the following fried foods

  • Has a Cheap Price

In general, fried foods are sold at affordable prices. This food is sold for between Rp. 1000 to Rp. 2,000 or multiples depending on the size and variant. The price of such fried foods is certainly cheap and it is usually easy to find sellers of these fried foods in Indonesia.

  • Good Taste for Indonesians

The flavors of fried banana, tofu and fried tempeh are actually standard. However, the savory taste of tofu and fried tempeh, combined with the spiciness of cayenne pepper or sauce, creates a distinct sensation on the tongue. Especially if eaten warm in cold weather.

  • Snacks that can eliminate hunger

Eating 3-5 pieces of fried banana, tofu or tempeh is enough to fill up. Perfect for a snack between breakfast to lunch or in the evening. Stomach booster when hungry hits. Two hours later, I was hungry again, then I ate rice.

  • Can be eaten with rice and can replace other food menus

Fried tempeh and filled tofu can be used as a side dish, a friend to eat rice. Some people even eat rice with tempeh sauce and fried tofu, plus sweet soy sauce. Without other side dishes, as long as the rice is warm, it’s quite delicious. Easy and inexpensive manufacturing process

The process of making fried foods is simply by mixing Sweet Potatoes, Cassava, Coreng, tofu, tempeh or banana, into the flour mixture with the addition of other flour or certain seasonings or flavor enhancers and frying it in a pan filled with hot cooking oil

  • Reminiscent of the atmosphere of home life in Indonesia

Because it is easy to make, some housewives in Indonesia often make fried foods for their families. So you can say that fried foods are home snacks. Usually made and served at home. If you miss the home atmosphere in Indonesia, just eat fried food.

  • Remembering close relationships with past friends or reminiscing

Eating fried foods makes Indonesians remember many good memories. Warm atmosphere at the fried food restaurant with family or often get together with Indonesian friends while snacking on fried foods. Eating fried food is more delicious when it is accompanied by drinking hot coffee or tea.

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