Listening to the state of Afghanistan, of course what we hear from the media coverage is conflict or war. Even though the country is ravaged by wars and acts of terror, Afghanistan has several delicious culinary offerings to eat. What are these delicious foods? Here are some of the ingredients for making delicious food from Afghanistan that has summarized.

1. Main Ingredient Rice

Afghanistan uses rice as the main ingredient in their cooking. There are several types of rice that can be processed according to the type of dish. A typical Afghan dish, palau is also made from rice which is seasoned with various spices and then combined with meat, nuts and dried fruit.

2. Goat Meat

Climatic conditions make it difficult for Afghans to raise cattle. Goats have become the only livestock that can be found in various regions. This is the reason why goat meat is often used in Afghan cooking. Mutton is usually processed into meat balls, meatballs, or marinated for several hours so that the texture is very tender. One of the popular ways to enjoy mutton in Afghanistan is to make it into kebabs and served with naan bread.

3. Dried Fruits and Nuts

Dried fruits and nuts are an essential ingredient in Afghan cooking. Dried fruits and nuts are not only used as cooking ingredients, but are also often consumed whole as a substitute for main meals. Both are also special foods that are served during certain celebrations, for example the New Year. Haft mewa is a special dish consisting of seven different fruits and dried nuts.

4. High in Fat

Afghanistan’s geographical conditions, which have cold winters, require its inhabitants to consume fatty foods. Therefore, Afghan cuisine is always processed using a lot of oil and goat fat is added in each dish. The added goat fat will make dishes more savory and of course high in fat.

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