When you spend your exciting vacation in Indonesia, it will certainly feel complete when you eat some delicious culinary delights. Indonesia is also a paradise for lovers of delicious culinary. Each region has their own special food. One of the Indonesian cuisines known to the world is satay. Sate is a food in the form of meat that is stabbed into a stick and then seasoned. However, the famous types of satay from Indonesia are Madura satay and Padang satay. So can you tell the difference between Sate Padang and Sate Madura?

Madura Satay

Sate Madura is satay that has a special Madurese seasoning. In general, this satay is made from chicken meat, but there are also those who sometimes use goat meat.

The seasoning is a mixture of finely ground peanuts with a little red onion. This satay is made by burning using coals from coconut shells that are scorched first or commonly called coconut shell charcoal.

Meanwhile, Madura satay usually prioritizes the meat. In general, one skewer consists of 3 pieces of meat. So, are you interested in trying to eat Madura satay?

Padang Satay

This Padang specialty dish uses beef, tongue, and offal with a slightly yellowish thick peanut sauce spiced with a lot of chili so it tastes spicy.

Fresh meat and other ingredients are boiled twice using different drums to soften. The boiled water is then used as a broth for the ingredients to make satay sauce. Then, the satay is burned using charcoal.

Meanwhile, Satay Padang is often liked by many people because of the thick sauce. Sate Padang generally has additions, such as balado chips, ketupat, or rice.

Those are some of the differences between Satay Padang and Satay Madura. Are you also interested in trying other Indonesian delicacies besides Satay Padang and Satay Madura? Come on, get information about other interesting culinary delights only at indonesiar.com.