West Sumatra is an area in Indonesia that has a variety of cultural products that the Indonesian people don’t know about. To add insight into the culture and nature of West Sumatra, let’s head over to this article. Who knows, it can be your vacation reference.

West Sumatra Traditional House

If you come to West Sumatra, maybe one of the sights that will immediately greet you is the beauty of the traditional house. The uniqueness of this Minang traditional house is the shape of the roof that sticks upwards with the meaning that it leads to God Almighty.

West Sumatra Traditional Clothing

As one of the most prominent characteristics of every citizen of the region in Indonesia is their traditional clothing. What are the Minang traditional clothing knick-knacks, here is the information:

Traditional Minang women’s clothing

– Nan Gadang House Limpapeh Clothing

– Batabue clothes (studded clothes)

– Minsie

– Tingkuluak (Tengkuluk)

– Lamb or Sarong

– Cross

– Dukuah (Necklace)

– Galang (bracelet)

– Palaminan

Traditional Minang men’s clothing

– Pengulu’s clothes

– Destar

– Clothes

– Sarawa

– Sasampiang (Side)

– Cawek (Belt)

– Clothing

– Keris

– Tungkek (Stick)

West Sumatra Traditional Dance

Dance is one of the regional arts that not only displays the creativity of the surrounding community but also conveys the meaning embedded in the dance. Here are some traditional Minangkabau dances:

Alang Babega Dance, Indang, Candles, Pasambahan Minang, Plate, Umbrella, Rantak, Ambek-ambek Koto Anau, Randai, Sabalah, Barabah, Wave, South Paisia ​​Cloth, Indang Badindin, Kiek Gadih Minang.

Traditional weapon

Like other areas in Indonesia that had traditional weapons as a means of self-defense during the colonial era, West Sumatra also had several traditional weapons which are now part of its culture.






Tribes in West Sumatra

The diversity of ethnic groups in West Sumatra is a gift from God that will not be priceless. With the many tribes there, various other cultures created themselves.

Minangkabau tribe.


Talang Mamak



Malay tribe.

Mentawai tribe.

Bonai tribe.

West Sumatra Regional Languages:

Of the many tribes in West Sumatra, of course a media is needed to unite these tribes. one of them is by using local languages. Where the local language is not just the culture of West Sumatra which is used as a means of communication but also as a unifying nation. Now in this province, the local language is used

Minangkabau / Baso Minang language.

Mentawai language.

Malay language.

West Sumatra Typical Food:

Yes, one thing that visitors who come to West Sumatra are always looking for is its signature cuisine. Where from this region you can find various dishes with delicious and distinctive tastes, such as kapau rice. Besides that, this province is also very famous for its Padang rice which you can even find in almost every corner of Indonesia.


Randang Lokan.

Balado jerky.

Batokok Jerky.

Many curries.

Kambiang curry.

Manih curry.

Sweet potato pucuak curry.

Padeh salty curry.

Gulai Tukung.

Curry nails.

Goulash toco.

Curry itiak.

Pangek still.

Pangek padeh.

Kalio dagiang.

Baka fish.

Soto padang.

Fried baluik.

Fried lauak.

Palai Bada.

Kalio Jariang.

Sambalado tanak.

Sambalado matah.


Fish Balado.

West Sumatra Tourism

Not only offers cultural beauty, West Sumatra also has beautiful tourist objects.

Carolina Coast.

Lubuak Rantiang.

Padang Beach.

Pasir Jambak Beach.

Adityawarman Museum.

Makkah miniature.

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