Even though Indonesia is a country that has the largest Muslim community in the world, there are some traditional Indonesian foods that are very well known in Indonesian society and these foods use processed pork.

Besides being very famous, this traditional food is often served in traditional ceremonies. In some areas, processed pork is a must-have dish for certain celebrations. Pork is also processed in different ways, resulting in different tastes. The following include:

1. Pork roll

Pork roll (Babi guling) is a Balinese dish that is usually present during major holidays, such as Galungan. The meat chosen is usually pork chicks.

The pork belly will be cleaned, then filled with special herbs and vegetables, such as sweet potato leaves. Then, the pork is skewered and grilled while turning it around until cooked.

2. Lawar the pork

Apart from babi guling, another mandatory dish during Galungan Day is lawar. Lawar that is served also varies, depending on the region. However, the most popular is Lawar Nyuh.

Lawar nyuh is made from coconut mixed with pork blood. The pork blood is then mixed with chunks of pork, young jackfruit, grated coconut, and Balinese basa genep spices.

During Galungan, lawar is generally made by the men together. This is a symbol of mutual cooperation and strengthening the ties of brotherhood.

3. Saksang

Saksang is a special dish typical of the Batak community which is usually served during traditional events or wedding processions. Made from chopped pork, saksang cooked with spices, coconut milk, and slaughtered blood.

4. Rock roasted pork

Stone roasted pork is a traditional processed from Papua. As the name implies, this dish existed during the stone burning tradition.

This tradition is in the form of a cooking ritual together with residents of one village. The goal can be to be grateful, stay in touch, welcome happiness, or gather soldiers to fight.

In this tradition, the stones are heated until they burn like coals, then the pork is arranged with the tubers and vegetables until they are evenly cooked.

5. Harinake

Harinake is processed minced pork originating from the Nias Islands. Usually served as a form of respect for the in-laws in the tradition of the first visit after a wedding. The pork will be chopped and sliced ‚Äč‚Äčinto small, thin pieces.

6. Swivel pork

Swivel pork comes from Manado. This dish is similar to a typical Balinese pork roll. Initially the pork will be seasoned, then grilled in a circle until cooked. Spinning pork is usually served by the Manado people during Christmas celebrations.

7. Pig tinorangsak

Tinorangsak pork is a special dish of the Minahasa tribe. This food is usually served in every traditional ceremony of the Minahasa tribe.

Tinorangsak is made from pork cooked with a mixture of spices, such as red chilies, large green chilies, ginger, and roasted turmeric.

Traditionally, this food is cooked in bamboo sticks. Pieces of meat and spices are put into bamboo sticks, then roasted in an open fire.

Well, those are some of the famous Indonesian traditional foods and use processed pork which is usually always there during certain traditional ceremonies. Come on, get interesting information from Indonesiar.com.


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