This traditional dance is a typical Acehnese dance which tells about the activities of fishermen when fishing in the sea. His name is Tarek Pukat Dance. What is Tarek Pukat Dance?

Tarek Pukat Dance is one of the traditional dances originating from the Aceh region. This dance is usually performed by a group of female dancers who dance using a rope as an attribute of dancing. This Tarek Pukat dance is a dance describing the activities of Acehnese fishermen while fishing in the sea. This dance is usually often performed at various events such as welcoming ceremonies, traditional events, and cultural events.

History of Tarek Pukat Dance

Historically, Tarek Pukat Dance was inspired by the tradition of trawling or trawling nets that are often carried out by Acehnese people, especially people in coastal areas who mostly work as fishermen. It is said that trawling trawling activities have been carried out by the Aceh coastal community for a long time.

When catching fish, they release and pull the net in mutual cooperation. After completing fishing, the results they get earlier will be distributed to residents who participated when trawling trawl earlier. The traditions are then reflected in a dance called Tarek Pukat Dance.

Function and Meaning of Trawl Tarek Dance

Besides functioning as a form of performance art, Tarek Pukat Dance also functions as a form of appreciation for the culture and traditions of the coastal Aceh community, especially when fishing in the sea. This dance is interpreted as a picture of mutual cooperation and the spirit of community togetherness that is reflected in a dance.

Tarek Pukat Dance Performance

The Tarek Pukat dance is usually performed by female dancers. The number of dancers consists of 7 or more dancers. The number of dancers is usually adjusted to the group or studio. In the show, dancers wrapped in traditional clothing and decorated with ornaments and make up that makes it look beautiful. Accompanied by a group of accompanists, dancers dance with their unique movements and use the rope as an attribute of dancing.

In the show, Tarek Pukat Dance usually begins with movements like the Acehnese dance in general, which is dancing in a sitting position while patting the chest and thighs. The movement is carried out in a compact manner to the rhythm of the song and accompaniment music. After that, it is continued by connecting the rope to each other.

One of the interesting things in this dance is at the end of the dance, when finished connecting the ropes with each other, dancers will pull the rope and become a series of nets / nets. For those of you who have never watched this dance you might be confused, how do they make the net? This is one of the attractions of the Tarek Pukat Dance, and often makes the audience amazed and gives a standing ovation to the dancers.

Accompaniment of Tarek Pukat Dance

In the Tarek Pukat dance performance, it is usually accompanied by traditional music, namely sarune kale and rapa’i. This dance is also accompanied by the song “tarek tukat” which is sung by vocal accompaniment. However, there are also times when the dancers sing a few verses of the song together. When dancing, the tempo of the dancer’s movements must also be adjusted to the accompanying music to make it look compact and compact.

Tarek Pukat Dance Costume

The costumes used by dancers in the Tarek Pukat Dance performance are usually traditional costumes. The dancers usually wear clothes such as long sleeves, trousers and headscarves. In addition, dancers also use songket cloth and belts at the waist and veil decoration as a sweetener.

The development of Tarek Pukat Dance

In its development, Tarek Pukat Dance is still preserved and developed until now. Various creations and variations in terms of motion, costumes, and accompaniment, are also often displayed in each show to make it look interesting. Even so, but does not eliminate the characteristics and authenticity.

Tarek Pukat dance is also often performed in various events such as welcoming events, celebrations and other traditional events. In addition, this dance is also often performed at various cultural events such as art shows, cultural festivals and tourism promotion. This is done as an effort to preserve and introduce to the younger generation and the wider community about the Tarek Pukat Dance.

That is all the information from us about the Tarek Pukat dance from Aceh. Hopefully it will be useful and add insight into the work of traditional culture in Indonesia. So, Have you ever spent an enjoyable vacation with a trip to Aceh?