In the Yogyakarta province, especially the Imogiri area, Bantul district, there are traditional drinks that make the body healthy. This healthy drink is called wedang uwuh. This drink has a delicious taste and has properties for our bodies.

Wedang Uwuh has properties to warm the body and prevent or relieve other minor ailments. The distinctive feature of Wedang Uwuh is that it looks a little messy because it contains herbal ingredients that are brewed directly in the glass.

In addition to its good properties for the body, Wedang Uwuh is a traditional drink that is very popular with the community. This drink is called “Wedang Uwuh” which in Javanese means “trash drink”.

As the name implies, this Wedang Uwuh contains a mixture of spices which at first glance looks like leaf trash put in a glass.

The materials used to make Wedang Uwuh include ginger, cloves, cinnamon shavings, nutmeg, lemongrass, cardamom and nutmeg.

The process of making Wedang Uwuh is quite simple. First the ingredients are prepared according to the portion for the right taste. Then pour it with hot water and stir until it turns red.

Then enter enough rock sugar into the glass used to brew the Wedang Uwuh and it’s ready to be served. This rock sugar was chosen because rock sugar can provide a sweet taste, but does not change the original taste and aroma of the drink.

Wedang Uwuh is very delicious to drink while hot or warm. To enjoy it we have to stir it first until the rock sugar melts and produces the desired sweetness.

Because some sellers usually do not stir the rock sugar so that buyers can adjust to their respective tastes. For those of you who don’t like the dregs, we can filter it but before filtering it, make sure the mixed ingredients get the taste according to taste.

Wedang Uwuh has a blend of sweet and slightly spicy taste from the ginger. Besides that, the fragrant aroma of these spices can arouse our appetite to enjoy it. This drink is very delicious when drunk during cold or rainy weather.

Wedang Uwuh can function as body warmers because of the spices in it. Besides that, it can also function to relieve coughs, overcome nausea, contain antioxidants, improve blood circulation, and others.

Wedang Uwuh is now available in plastic packaging, so you can make your own at home. Well, for those of you who visit Bantul, Yogyakarta, it’s incomplete if you haven’t enjoyed this traditional drink from Imogiri.


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