Wak si Dolan is a bachelor who is about half a century old. His job as a fisherman was poor, so he couldn’t even afford a house. All he had was a hut thatched roof and nibung floors.

One day he was fishing and found a fish with a big rod. It was fun, and he imagined he would get a lot of money because the mackerel fish was expensive.

That money will buy chicken. After the chickens have bred, he will buy ducks. Ducks thrive, he will buy goats. The goat thrives, he will buy a cow. Cows breed, he will buy a big fishing net. Then he will be rich, have a big and nice house.

He fantasized about wanting to have two wives at once, namely Fatimah and Aminah. He will feel happy sleeping with his two wives. When facing Aminah, Fatimah would tickle her waist. On the other hand, when he faced Fatimah, Aminah would tickle him. Finally he turned to the right and to the left out of amusement. Feeling amused, his body was rocking from side to side so that the boat also swayed and shook. Because it was fun and strong rocking, finally the boat turned upside down. Dolan gasped to his senses, but his mackerel sank to the bottom of the sea and was carried away by the current. His fantasies of getting a beautiful wife ended.


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