When visiting North Sumatra, especially to the tourist area of ​​Lake Toba, you will not be satisfied if you visit or visit Lake Toba without tasting various specialties in the Lake Toba area, especially Batak specialties. Besides the delicious taste of the food, the ingredients and spices used are quite distinctive. However, some dishes use meat ingredients that are not recommended for consumption by some beliefs and religions.

Here are some Batak specialties that are worth trying when visiting or traveling to Lake Toba.


Arsik is one of the Batak specialties that is most widely used during traditional events. This arsik itself is made from fish such as goldfish, tilapia and mujahir fish. Usually this fish is caught directly from Lake Toba. To create a distinctive taste and aroma, this fish cooking process is usually added reliably with a type of spice to create a warm spicy taste that makes the tongue vibrate. This type of spice is very popular in the Batak area. Can be served with soup or a little dry. It tastes very good with the right mixture of seasonings and doneness.


Naniura can be said to be like the sushi of the Batak people. Naniura is not cooked, fried or boiled. This food is made from goldfish, tilapia or mujahir fish. Served with complete spices that will make the fish taste better without cooking. In other words, it is the spices that cook the fish. Usually naniura is a little more acidic because it uses acid for the ripening process.


Natinombur is a fish that is doused with spices. The seasoning for fish is almost the same as arsik, it’s just grilled seasoning. Made from grilled fish, usually using tilapia or mujahir. For taste, add andaliman, for spicy lovers you can add chili or andaliman for a more delicious taste.

Manuk Na Pinadar

The characteristics of this food are chicken and andaliman. Manuk Napinadar is one of the favorite foods. The chicken is grilled and then seasoned and mixed with the fresh blood of the chicken itself with the right maturity process. It will be more delicious if made with a little spicy but can be adjusted according to taste.

Pork Roast (Babi Panggang)

This food is the most preferred food for those who like non-halal food.

Pork based. Lightly drizzled with acid before baking. The pork will cook completely as the fat slowly leaks out. Of course, roast pork would be better if the meat had more fat than just the meat. The meat is served with cooked blood spices (boiled pork blood mixed with spices), added with sweet potato leaves and pork bone soup. Even with the cayenne pepper, which is mashed with salt, this roast pork will be delicious.


Saksang made from pork (B2) or dog meat (B1). Saksang is cooked with special spices that are almost similar to Napinadar spices and the cooking process can be mixed with the flesh itself. When compared to grilled, saksang usually contains more meat than fat. The hallmark of this food is using andaliman which creates a hot spicy taste that shakes the tongue.


Similar to saksang, the dykes are usually made from B1 and B2, the difference is only in size. The Tanggo-Tanggo dishes are cut into larger pieces, about the size of a fist. Tanggo-Tanggo usually uses younger animals to create a food texture that is not too hard, so that the seasonings are absorbed and the meat is more tender.

Dali ni Horbo (Buffalo Milk)

Dali Ni Horbo is buffalo milk which is processed traditionally and is quite common in the Batak area. Same with other milk contains fat, carbohydrates and protein, the difference is that this milk is processed without containing chemicals. The process of making this dali ni horbo is not that difficult. The liquid buffalo milk is cooked on low heat so it is not too hot. Add a little salt to taste. Then the liquid milk will boil slowly and thicken. Enter the juice of papaya leaf until the buffalo milk thickens like tofu. But it would be more delicious if Dali ni Horbo was cooked like cooking arsik. Add aroma and delicious taste to milk.

Mashed Sweet Potato Leaves

Mashed Sweet Potato Leaves are a favorite vegetable in Batak restaurants. It is said that sweet potato leaves are the easiest vegetable to get because just laying the wood will sprout the sweet potato leaves. To make it not too difficult, crushed sweet potato leaves mixed with chilies, onions and garlic and don’t forget the rimbang fruit. This rimbang fruit is a characteristic of sweet potato leaves in the Batak area. Because if it’s cooked it tastes much better than eaten raw. Grind together and add 1-2 lemongrass stalks. All ingredients are boiled and after they are almost cooked, they are mixed with coconut milk.

Banana Heart Sweet Potato Leaves

Almost similar to mashed sweet potato leaves, banana flower potato leaves added with banana flower pieces that are sliced ​​into small pieces, and grated coconut. All the spices are stir-fried and then add the main spices of sweet potato leaves, banana flower and grated coconut by adding a little water and salt. Sauté until completely cooked.

Actually, there are several other Batak dishes and foods that have not been summarized. Hopefully the articles we provide can add to your insight about Indonesian culinary specialties.