Even though the times are modern, it cannot be denied that there are still many people in this world who cannot be separated from black magic. In fact, it is often practiced until now for a specific purpose. Whether to get strength, wealth or revenge on the enemy.

As a result, people carry out various kinds of rituals and worship to obtain magical powers that can fulfill all desires.

1. Voodoo

Voodoo is sorcery from the spirits-animist traditions of the peoples of West Africa. This science has existed since 10,000 years ago. Barasal from the Adja-Tado Ewe / Fon language, Voodoo (pronounced vodou) means spirit. In fact, Voodoo is believed to be a belief in God.

Vodouists – adherents of Voodoo – perform rituals to spirits with sacred objects accompanied by music and dance.

The ritual is performed at a temple called Honfour. They start the ritual by cooking the poultry as an offering to the spirit. Then, proceed with reading prayers, songs, and verses led by a priest and pastor. Voodoo is often associated with the teachings of Satanism.

2. Lamia

Lamia black magic comes from the nomadic Gipsy tribe. Lamia is used as customary law for the tribe. The gipsy tribe performs a ritual by taking items belonging to the person being addressed, in the form of buttons, combs, pens, or other objects.

Then, the object is recited a mantra so that the victim will feel pain in his vital organs. In fact, it can make the victim die.

3. Na Munda

Indian tribes in America have the most dangerous magic, namely na munda. This science is used to kill someone without leaving a trace. This way of witchcraft works by inserting a spirit into a person’s body. Then, the spirit will be incited from a distance until it takes the victim’s life.

4. Witchcraft / Witchcraft

This black magic is done with the help of the genie. Santet is still very much practiced by Indonesians, especially in Java. People who are the target of witchcraft will experience a strange disease and cannot be cured medically. Until finally, the victim died.

Usually, victims of witchcraft will be treated by ‘smart people’ with special readings. From inside the victim’s body, strange objects will come out, such as needles, nails, threads, hair, and others.

5. Malka Moma

Malka moma is the most dangerous and most unique magic practice in the world. This science is used by the Bulgarian (Bulgarian Mystery). The group will sing in high notes aimed at their enemies from a distance. It destroys the victim’s senses and vital organs.

This black magic was used for the struggle for territory during the time of the division of regions in Eastern Europe. Malka moma is currently transformed into a Bulgarian culture and is still practiced in certain traditional ceremonies. So, all those bad things will result in bad things too. It is better to study the development of technology and science because of course it will add insight.

Source : indozone