When we sleep and dream, it is not uncommon to dream about a marriage. Neither other people’s marriages to our own marriages. If it’s about your own marriage, it could be dreams of being married to an ex, dreams of being married to a boyfriend, dreams of being married to friends, to dreams of being married to the person you want. From these dreams, according to Primbon, they have different meanings. Some of them, of course you have known their own meaning. Just as information, the following dreams of marriage according to primbon and madjongke include the true meaning of the dream of marriage.

1. Dreaming of getting married but there is no visual broadcast nor is it clear who the candidate is

When your dream seems to be in a state of knowing that you will soon get married. So just know that it will be married soon. So there is no image of a wedding party or a picture of a potential partner. So it’s just being in a state of just knowing you will get married in the near future. According to primbon it means you will experience pain in the near future. It can be seasonal ailments such as coughs to more severe problems. So if you dream of getting married, you should take care of your health and don’t stay up too much.

2. Dream of marrying an ex

When you dream, you have experienced a state of being at a wedding and your ex is your partner. Or else you see yourself in a marriage with an ex. This means that according to the Javanese primbon, in the near future someone will tell you the news and that is bad according to you.

3. Dream of marrying a boyfriend

The dream of marrying your boyfriend will certainly feel happy if you really love your boyfriend. So in a dream you feel a sensation of happiness because you are married to your boyfriend. Especially in real life this is what you really want. If that is the case, the dream meaning shows that in the near future you will feel disappointed or hurt because of your boyfriend. It could be related to marriage or in dating relationships.

4. Dream of getting married repeatedly every night with different and sometimes unclear candidates

So tonight dream of getting married to someone, then the second day of having the same dream with different people. And after that it didn’t just stop, it turned out that they were still having the same dream If that happens and the partner changes and sometimes it’s not clear, it means that there will be a gradual decrease in financial problems in the family. For those who are still at an early age and dependent on family, they may not really realize the meaning in these dreams.

5. Dream of marrying the desired person

For example, in real life, you are obsessed with a certain figure. You idolize Him so much that you are carried away with dreams. According to the primbon this means that you will experience seasonal illness in the near future.

6. Dream of marrying someone who is currently kind and caring for you

You are close to other people, he is kind and caring for you. Maybe for now you are wondering how you feel. If you dream of marrying him, it means that he keeps admiration for you. Even if it’s not revealed in the real world, He will still admire you even if you don’t see him anymore.

7. The dream of getting married suddenly turns into a family member

If you dream of getting married and then the bride and groom suddenly turn into a family member, of course it will be very annoying. The previous illusion of happiness could disappear suddenly. If this dream, it means you will experience a sudden need. So prepare yourself to face this by living more frugally.

8. Dream of marrying a friend

Dream of marrying your own friend even though in the real world there is never a thought or even a feeling with that friend. This means that you will have people from far away or friends who haven’t seen each other for a long time.

9. Dream of getting married but canceled

Initially there was a shadow of the marriage, but suddenly the marriage was canceled. Sometimes in this dream there is a question mark, whether or not you have become husband and wife. This means that you will get luck from friends or acquaintances. For example, there will be new acquaintances, get a new job, or a gift from someone.

10. Dream of marrying someone who is unclear or does not know at all

In the wedding there is a party, but you don’t know the person at all. But if you look at it from a physical point of view, you like that person. This means that you will have a small accident that will leave a scar. For that, be careful.

11. Dream of a friend getting married and you witness it

You are like watching or as a guest at a friend’s wedding. This means that people who get married in this dream will experience a bad incident. Either bad luck, fall, or sick.

12. Dream of getting married without a partner

So you experience a marriage without a partner or see yourself undergoing a marriage without a partner. This means that you will experience a bad condition for a long time. Bankrupt, upset, lonely, or even sick and need to rest for a long time.

13. Woman who dreams of marrying someone’s husband

Dream of marrying a man, and you know that the man already has a wife. In this dream you will think about what people say and also feel the illusion of happiness. This means that you will get a pleasant surprise from a certain person, but in this case someone thinks it’s bad for you.

14. Parents dream to marry again

How old is he, but marriage still happens. You are a witness in your own father or mother’s marriage. This means that there will be bad luck that will befall your family. A problem occurs that disturbs the peace in your family.

15. Dream of being invited to marry by someone you don’t know

So there are people who want to marry you. If this happens and you refuse, then you won’t experience anything. But if you accept, it means that you will feel pain in the near future. If you don’t answer then you will be fine.

16.Dream of a wife married to another man

so at that time the dream was witnessing a happy wife because she married another man. It means that something is wrong with you. You still need to pay more attention to the wife who has been devoting herself to you.

17. Dream of marrying your own husband

Even though they have become husband and wife, but then they dream of getting married again. So in this dream you will be surprised, even though you are married, but why should you marry again? If that’s the case it means you will get a pleasant surprise in financial trouble. For example, getting a bonus, satisfying results in a job or business that is being undertaken, or being promoted.

18. Dream of your sister getting married

If you have a younger sibling, then you dream that the sister is married and then you become a witness, it means that your sister will experience bad things. And from what happened to your younger sibling, it will have an impact on other family members.

19. Dream of getting married but canceled

Initially there was a shadow of the marriage, but suddenly the marriage was canceled. Sometimes in this dream there is a question mark, whether or not you have actually become husband and wife. This means that you will get good luck from friends or acquaintances. For example, there will be new acquaintances, get a new job, or a gift from someone.

20. Dream of failing to marry a boyfriend

In the real world, there are plans to marry a boyfriend, but in a dream, he failed to do the marriage. This means that unconsciously, there are already people who make your life fun, but you don’t know that.

21. Dream of getting married with different religions

In this marriage, you may just know that a couple of different religions, or the prospective bride and groom, are people you know and have different religions in the real world. This means that you will do things that you think are reasonable but that actually succeeded in making other people feel hurt that was too deep.

22. Dream of getting married and getting pregnant in the near future

It happens so fast, in that dream you feel like you’ve just got married but a few moments later find your stomach has grown. This means that you will experience an increase after falling due to your hard work all this time.

23. Dream of just getting married without a wedding event

You just know that recently got married. But you don’t know and don’t see any weddings. So you just know that if you just got married, it means you will get unexpected bad luck.

24. Strong desire to get married

In the real world you don’t have a strong desire to get married. But when dreaming of wanting to get married it feels very big. This means that a friend will come and that friend will change your life so far. Either worse or better than what happened today.

That’s a dream according to primbon. Believe it or not, it depends on you. But what makes more sense, actually the dream comes from our own condition. And if interpreted it will be like below.

25. Dream of getting married even though in the real world already living in marriage

So the dream shows that you are married to someone else, but in real life you already have the status of a person’s wife or husband. This means that it is more inclined towards your household life. This dream can occur because of a reflection of your own desires and hopes. Desires and hopes to feel new sensations in household life. So if you dream like this, you should try to find new innovations so that your relationship can be intimate again. Telling the good times that have passed, giving new variations in the relationship are some of the ways to make it happen.

26. Dream of marrying a boyfriend

The dream of marrying a boyfriend is also a form of hopes and desires. For those who have been dating for a long time, this is a sign that they have gone through many phases which ultimately require a stronger bond. For those who have just been going out for a while this is a sign that there is false desire without careful consideration, everything is still influenced by pleasure alone.

27. Dream of marrying a stranger

This means that you have not found your true identity, you are still easily affected by environmental changes. This dream shows that you have to try to improve yourself and be able to determine the appropriate criteria. The dream of marrying an unknown person also shows that you don’t have broad insight and are still narrow-minded. Due to the lack of knowledge about the criteria for a suitable partner, finally he was led to dream of becoming an unclear figure.

28. Dream of marrying someone you like

Dream with an idol artist, dream of marrying the person you want, or dream of marrying someone who in the real world is a person who fits your criteria. This means that the dream is a form of your true desire. Your subconscious mind shows that which eventually gets carried away in dreams. So it is not uncommon for those who experience dreams like this, will experience the illusion of happiness that cannot be described in words.

29. Dream of marrying an ex-boyfriend

When experiencing this one dream, most people become nervous about the truth. Will come true or not in the end. Even though it means that the dream of being married to an ex is natural. This means that you have recently been experiencing similar circumstances and situations with the ex who was present in your dreams. So that memories of the past re-open with your ex, and that happens when you sleep and dream.

30. Dream of marrying someone else’s wife or husband

This means that you are actually experiencing an unharmonious marital condition. Without realizing it, there is also a comparison between your married life and someone else’s marriage. So that unconsciously, you feel your married life is no better than other people because you feel the current condition. Come on, get interesting and useful information from Indonesiar.com and share it with everyone.


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