Have you ever tried trying to enjoy delicious food and drinks from Indonesia? If you have, of course, you have tried food and beverage, one of Indonesian food and drinks from several regions. In the city of Probolinggo, there are several delicious foods and drinks to eat and drink. What are some delicious foods and drinks from Probolinggo? Here are some Probolinggo specialties that you can try.

Soto Kraksaan

Soro kraksaan is actually almost the same as soup in general. However, what distinguishes Soto Kraksaan from other Soto is the sauce made from coconut milk. Besides that, the thing that feels special about Soto Kraksaan is the chicken that comes from the rooster. Previously, the chicken was cooked with coconut milk and added with roasted coconut powder. Then, other additional soup ingredients that make Soto Kraksaan even more special are steamed potato slices and don’t miss the prawn crackers. In Probolinggo there are several places you can visit to taste Soto Kraksaan, which is north of the Ar Raudlah Grand Mosque.

Olok Crab

For those of you who like seafood, olok crab seems to be a good menu that you can taste when you go to Probolinggo. It is called olok itself because the crabs used are young crabs. For the method of making the crab, which is to be served, steamed it first and then separated it from the shell. Not only crab, this dish also mixes other ingredients, such as shrimp and some spices that are put into the crab shell. With all these spices, the olok crab is sweet, savory and soft because it uses young crabs.

Ketarok sticky rice

The next Probolinggo specialty is sticky rice kratok. The ingredients used from this kratok sticky rice are koto beans. In Probolinggo, kratok is usually cooked with lodeh vegetables and mixed with sticky rice. Meanwhile, for serving, the kratok sticky rice is sprinkled with grated coconut and a sweetener in the form of brown sugar liquid. So, this dish has a delicious, salty and sweet taste from brown sugar.

Glepungan rice

Another menu that is similar to mixed rice is glepungan rice. In one serving of glempung rice you will get a lot of menus, such as salted fish, teahu penyet, tempeh, fresh vegetables, chili sauce to glepungan rice, which is rice mixed with corn juices. All menus are served in one plate.

Bestari Prabu Wine

Not only processed food, the typical Probolinggo food that you must try is Prabu Bestari Wine. This bestari wine has become one of the icons of the city of Probolinggo itself. The place for Prabu Bestari wine cultivation has been going on for 80 decades, which is located on Jalan Mastrip, Wonoasih Village. This place is one of the largest farms in Probolingo. Prabu Bestari wine also consists of many types and is usually used as a juice drink by local residents.

Merpati Corn Rice

For those of you who want to taste other probolinggo specialties that are quite unique, processed pigeon corn rice. The delicacy of corn rice is indeed worth considering because in Probolinggo, corn rice is indeed a specialty. Usually, corn rice is served with several side dishes so it can also be a substitute for rice for those of you who are on a diet.

Nasi Campur Nyak Nyong

There are many delicious foods that you can try at Probolingo, namely Nasi Campur Nyak Nyong. This food menu is indeed one of the most popular and favorite because it is much sought after by people in Probolinggo. Apart from being referred to as mixed rice Nyak Nyong, this dish is also known as Nasi Campung Klenteng. The mix that you will find in the Nasi Campur Nyak Nyong dish includes empal, serundeng, noodles, jerky which is then doused with thick coconut milk sauce. The price for one portion of mixed rice is indeed quite cheap, which is only around IDR 12,500 per portion.

Pokak syrup

Not only heavy food, for those of you who visit Probolinggo and want to bring souvenirs to take home there is pokak syrup. Pokak syrup is made from the main ingredients of ginger and brown sugar. Usually, pokak syrup is served with warm water. Other additional ingredients that make pokak syrup taste even more delicious are cinnamon, pandanus, kaffir lime leaves to cloves. Besides being refreshing, pokak syrup also has properties to treat colds, relieve coughs and lower cholesterol.

Those are some delicious foods and drinks from Probolinggo. Are you interested in trying it? Come on, get other interesting information from Indonesiar.com and make Indonesia an attractive, romantic and beautiful tourist destination in your life.


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